Monday, March 9, 2009

House of Commons: Patriot (1983)

Vancouver’s House of Commons played dark punk rock. I don’t want to say goth or anything ridiculous like that, but if it was released today some reviewer would recklessly slap on the “g” word like it was a ton of black eyeliner going on a pasty face. No, this is gloomy (a better “g” word) punk with downcast vocals. Ironically, a lot of the lyrics are positive. Go figure.

(image from Kill From The Heart)

Lots of information about the band is here: HOC

1. Way Down South
2. Low
3. Gotta B. Alive
4. 1999
5. American Patriot
6. Institution
7. Live For Today

Download it now: House of Commons


Jimmy said...

Here's a HOC live set from 1984

AdamBomb said...

Rad, thank you

Ed said...

Just dropping a note to say I have been fleecing loads of great stuff from your blog for the last couple of days. Wanted to say thanks for all the great stuff, nice to see plenty of records/bands I haven't heard of for a change! Keep it up when you can, it is appreciated.