Monday, March 2, 2009

Target of Demand: Man’s Ruin (1983)

This album is dangerous. Incendiary. Put it beside the deviled eggs at a corporate luncheon and it will explode. Drop it onto suburbia and the effect will be more devastating than napalm. Shoot it at a battalion of riot cops and they’ll cry into their tear gas canisters. Blast it during a stupid lesson at school and watch your classmates hit the deck and lick the gum on the floor.

This is why you got into punk in the first place.

Download it now: Target of Demand

1. The Poor Rich
2. Funny, Huh?
3. Government
4. Man's Ruin
5. Not the One
6. Brain Loss
7. Judgement
8. Deploy the Rich
9. Botchalizm
10. Plastic Bullets

I got the image from where you can also get the lyrics.

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