Friday, December 11, 2009

Krupted Peasant Farmerz: Everything Seems Okay (1990 - 1993)

This is another gem that I scammed from outofprintpunk.blogspot. Krupted Peasant Farmerz were very active in the early nineties and like many a great band, they did not get the recognition they deserved.

“Everything Seems Okay” is a discography covering 1990 to 1993. On it, you get 25 smart ass punk rock rippers. This CD is way out of print and fetches a pretty penny on Gemm. So in keeping with the season, I thought I’d put it up for you. Thanks again to the dude who runs the aforementioned blog and to Jeff for inspiring me to post this in the first place.

I got the viking cow image from Krupted Peasant Farmerz MySpace page.

1. Burn The Rag
2. The End
3. Invasion Of The Snailz
4. Rednecks In Love
5. Amerikan Way
6. Piano Song From Hell
7. Hemp For Victory
8. Close Your Eyes
9. Cowz Humping
10. Memories Of Death
11. Live Fast, Live Long
12. Homeless Song
13. Legalized Murder
14. Somebody
15. I Don’t Like You
16. Throw Away The Key
17. Walk Away
18. Bear Named Dog
19. Conditioned From Birth
20. Baby Boy
21. Why
22. Out Of Touch
23. Not Alone
24. Tales Of Reality
25. Time To Reflect

Download it now! Krupted Peasant Farmerz

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Shocking Truth: Acquaintance E.P. (1990)

Workshed Records was Dan O’Mahoney’s (No For An Answer) operation in the late eighties and early nineties. From what I can see, a lot of the roster was straight edge hardcore. Some of the bands, like Headfirst, apparently are pretty awesome and I will check them out right away. First, I will write this post.

Shocking Truth probably was in the minority of Workshed bands with their melodic punk rock sound. Shocking Truth’s three smoking tunes on “Acquaintance” are totally hummable and fast. Plus, they have a noodly lead guitar style that’s played so well that it gets stuck in your head way too easily.

Lyrically, they tackle some heavy issues, such as blind consumerism on “Buyer Beware”. The title track stands out for its condemnation of society’s complicity in allowing sexual assault to occur. Sadly, the EP’s cover makes sense when you have those lyrics in mind.

Depsite the heaviness of the words, this record is fun and a good listen. I dig it and I hope you do too.

1. Acquaintance
2. Buyer Beware/Judge and Jury

Download it now! Shocking Truth

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Slap Of Reality: 3 Lefts Make A Right (1991)

I got this album on Good thing I got this before it became an invite only blog, because “3 Lefts Make A Right” rules.

Hailing from Tampa Bay, Slap Of Reality rocked hard in the late eighties and early nineties. Their sound resembles the melodic punk of the day, in that it has harmony and isn’t too fast, but still has punk’s intensity. Oh, and they could play their instruments. The singer is earnest and the guitarist, who I think went on to play with Down By Law a few years later, is slick. The rhythm section, though, steals the show. They are tight and talented, with the drummer pulling all kinds of fills and the bass player uses the whole fretboard. The bass dude also plays his own lines and doesn’t just follow what the guitarist does. I could tell listening to him that as a former punk rock bass playing kind of person myself I’d have been depressed had I listened to Slap Of Reality back when I played because there is no way I’d ever have been able replicate what he does. 

As you can tell, I really dig this album. To me and I know it's a bit repetitive to say this about any late eighties/early nineties melodic band, but whatever, they sound like the Doughboys, but dare I say it, they're better. Yep, much better. Enjoy the rad sounds of Slap Of Reality. 

1. As Far As You Know
2. Certain Fall
3. Time Alone
4. Radiate
5. Different Worlds
6. Five
7. Where's It Going
8. Best of Me
9. Walk Away
10. Just What I Needed

Download it now! Slap Of Reality 

Friday, October 23, 2009

Funeral Oration: Funeral Oration (1987)

During a moment of what I hope was temporary insanity, a friend claimed that the high pitched squeal of the Bronksi Beat’s singer was an instrument. That is, he used his voice just like one would use a guitar or bass or in the BB’s case, synthesizers. Nice try, I snickered, as I struggled to regain a modicum of respect for his musical insights.

Of course, every singer uses their voice to contribute to a song. Many do it well, and others like the aforementioned Bronski Beat, use it fucking horribly. Then there’s Funeral Oration. If ever there is an example of a singer using his voice as an instrument in an awesome way, Funeral Oration is it. That dude can sing! His voice is so unique that I won’t even bother trying to describe it, because I could never do it justice.

I got this record a while ago, but wasn’t able to rip it due to my crappy record player. I finally got it work a few days ago and have been loving Funeral Oration’s 1987 release ever since. Funeral Oration rule! This album is all about punk rock played with the melody that is Funeral Oration’s trademark. Check it out and appreciate the gnarliness that belongs to Holland’s favourite sons.

Image is from Kill From The Heart

1. Here We Go Again
2. This Time & No Longer
3. The Wishing & Overland
4. The Aim I Choose
5. Used To Be
6. It Ain't Easy
7. Like Any Other Life
8. We Are Not One
9. Failers Fall
10. If You Can
11. Didn't Want to Die
12. To the Fire
13. Would You Understand
14. Find a Way
15. Tell It Like It Is
16. This Ain't Heaven

Download it here! Funeral Oration

Monday, October 19, 2009

Defoliants: Grrr (1989)

"Grrr" is a pretty diverse record from the Defoliants. As Flex says, “Intelligent & diverse hardcore with influences from Articles of Faith, Wipers, R'n'R, surf, DC sound etc. [7].” Total mouthful, I’d say.

What I find interesting is the surf influence on "Grrr". When they incorporate surf stylings in their songs, they sound almost like a heavier Agent Orange. I know it’s pretty lame to compare them to the godfathers of surf punk, but in this instance it works.

When it comes to lyrics though, the Defoliants share nothing with Agent Orange. While Mike Palm of Agent Orange likes to hang 10 on a wave of existential angst, the Defoliants are much more obnoxious. That’s not to say they lack intelligence. It’s just that the Defoliants aren’t as concerned with being too young to die.

On a completely unrelated note, I really like the album title and cover. The title is cool because it actually reflects a lot the record's mood and the cover compliments the title rather well. It gets the title across rather well me thinks.

“Steakhouse”, the first song, is a total winner with its catchy chorus of “This is my steakhouse” and gnarly guitar. "Bad Day At The Beach" will burrow its way into your head and make itself quite comfortable there. The instrumentals are also rad with their brooding guitar work.

Come to think of it, you can't go wrong with any band that makes you think of Agent Orange.

Image is from

(missing the last two tracks, “Safety Town” and “Wide World of Animals”)

1. Steakhouse
2. Quinn Martin
3. Speed Racer
4. Jack The Ripper
5. Rooked
6. Rectal Inferno
7. Bad Day At The Beach
8. West Bank
9. Art Is Dangerous
10. The Guy Who Got Mad
11. I Wish You Were Fiction

Download it here! Grrr

Monday, October 12, 2009

Go Sailor: Go Sailor (1996)

Go Sailor played top notch twee pop. Lots many of their songs' subjects are sad and brooding (though there a few that are extremely happy), but the music and singer’s voice is just so happy that you can’t help but smile. Their music is nothing but fun melancholy to me.

Go Sailor seems to be a soundtrack at pivotal moments to me. Like on this extended road trip I did they made themselves quite comfortable in my stereo or when I began this real cool correspondence, they were right there too and I imagine they will be clamoring for a spot in my rotation the next time something cool happens. I should also mention they suit regular day to day listening quite well :)

There are two reasons why you might know of this band. First, the bassist played in Crimpshrine. I remember seeing a review of this CD and some poor punker was quite pissed that Go Sailor weren’t another Crimpshrine. Personally, I’m not a fan of Crimpshrine, so there is no comparison. The only similarity between the two is, you guessed it, the bouncy bass lines. Another reason is that a couple of tracks are featured in the seminal movie “But I’m A Cheerleader”. If you haven't seen, make time for it.

This CD brings together a couple of compilation songs and three EPs. Thanks to Lookout Records’ incompetent book keeping, it is out of print.

Image is from Wikipedia

1. Last Year
2. Fine Day for Sailing
3. I'm Still Crying
4. I Just Do
5. Bigger Than an Ocean
6. Silly
7. Long Distance
8. Windy
9. Blue Sky
10. The Boy Who Sailed Around the World
11. Don't Go
12. Ray of Sunshine
13. Together Forever in Love
14. Every Day

Download it here! Go Sailor

Friday, October 9, 2009

Malefice: Lotus Blossoms (1990)

Whoa, long time, no see. It’s been a while, mainly due to some stuff for which I blame the government for , but I is back and have a psychotic little goody for your listening pleasure. Now, when we think of the "D.C Sound", we might have some preconceptions what that entails. For some it’s the wicked early eighties hardcore embodied by the likes of Minor Threat. For others, it might be the mid to late eighties stuff that took hardcore’s energy, jazzed it up and became more introspective. When it comes to Malefice though, you’re best to throw both out the window. Then yourself because this shit will drive you crazy.

It’s not the psychotic guitars or vocal stylings alone that does it. Nor is the melding of hardcore energy with these two. No, no, no. All together though, along with a fuck of a heavy sound, is what brings the insanity. Why it’s so crazy they even have spoken interludes between songs. How’s that for insane when it comes to a DC band? This is epic shit and well worth your time. Enjoy.

Image is from Kill From the Heart

1. Acid Death
2. Sea Level*
3. Overboard
4. Dr. No
5. This Is No Place
6. Chronic Thoughts*
7. Carrion
8. Into The Grinder
9. Lost Sheep*
10. Bloody Insane*

(*I'm not too sure of where these titles go in the song order :P)

Download it here! Malefice

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Micronotz: 40 Fingers

It's been a while. That might have something to do with the fact that I'm in South Africa right now. Cheap excuse, what with technology being the way it is and all, but it's all I got when it comes to this here blog.

So I thought in honour of my last post, I'll continue the college rock theme with The Micronotz. Not only were they named after a cool comic based on a toy line I remember reading when I was younger, The Micronotz also rocked hard. They were from Kansas and apparently played out lots. "40 Fingers" is a definite departure from their earlier stuff, due to having a new singer and perhaps being better able to play their instruments. They also seemed to have listened a lot to Husker Du, because the influence is all over the record. As the Flex discography says, "More Minnesota hardcore, melodic, melancholic, rough vocals." Yep, and to top it all off, the Simon and Garfunkel cover doesn't even suck.

The image is from Mental Excursions

Last Days of Man on Earth has more info on The Micronotz and their Smash ep to boot:

Dressed for the H Bomb has yet more Micronotz info and the 1984's Live Recording of the Video Soundtrack:

Two live recordings of the Micronotz can be found at Mr. Fink, along with even more info:

1. Pay your bill
2. Mannequin head
3. Scarborough fair
4. Exit 301
5. Psychodeli & Push it out
6. Fall down
7. Black and white & 40 fingers
8. Breakdown
9. I want your soul
10. Carnival freak show
11. Summer of hate

Download it here! The Micronotz

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Electric Love Muffin: Playdoh Meathook (1987)

Back in the mid to late eighties, college rock was a force. A lot of this wasn’t shoe gazing shit or the crap that got passed off as indie in the nineties either. No, it was more like college rock was the kissing cousin of the musical family’s black sheep, punk rock. So what you usually got from college rock was honest, rollicking tuneage that was just a bit more restrained, refined if you will, than punk.

Electric Love Muffin is a pretty good representative of this restrained, refined approach to music. This Philly quartet demonstrate that bands can be able to play their instruments and still make upbeat music. And don't let the silly name fool you: this is pretty earnest stuff from a band that by all accounts should've been huge.

Image is from
ELM’s MySpace page:

Information on the band can be had here: ELM info

1. Backstreet ride
2. I should have
3. Look for me
4. This time I’m gone
5. Blackness that could be blue
6. The muffin march / One year removed
7. Tomorrow’s regrets
8. Magna opus

This is missing a Beatles cover because they, being the most overrated band ever, suck.

Download it here: Electric Love Muffin

Monday, July 13, 2009

Belching Penguins: Draft Beer...Not Me (1986)

So, does a belching penguin sound like early DRI? In this case, there are remarkable similarities: fast songs with an anti-authoritarian attitude come to mind, though these Penguins burp a bit more melodically than those thrashers from Texas did.

A quick glance at the song titles gives you a basic idea of what their subject matter is about: militarism, drinking, cops, amongst other things. Come to think of it, just a quick glance at the record cover should give you a clue about where they're coming from; a skeletal Reagan pouring beer leaves little to the imagination.

"Dead People Can't Drive" absolutely rocks, with its solid hardcore tuneage and the great line, "Watch out for that Cadillac, the driver’s got cataracts." Being from Florida, it must have been a daily occurrence to dodge cars driven by folks who were no longer able to get behind the wheel. Come to think of it, that happens here as well.

Enjoy the music :)

The image is from

Demos can be had at Going Through The Motions blog: Belching Penguins demo


1. There’s gonna be a war
2. Better off dead
3. Dead people can’t drive
4. Money well spent
5. Shitfaced
6. Box lunch
7. My friends
8. Forget the world
9. You suck
10. Brain damage
11. Governmental screwover
12. Anorexic
13. Suburban life
14. We’re the cops
15. My girlfriend is in porno
16. There’s no food
17. Theme of the Belching Penguin
18. Our children are missing
19. Hangover

Download Belching Penguins here: Belching Penguins

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Guns: 1984 demo

This demo has everything that makes you want to go out and deface public property; it’s just so angry and defiant. Take the angry alienation of Black Flag, some monster metal power and combine it with the righteousness of youth and you get the wallop that The Guns deliver. The fact that The Guns were three high school kids from Cleveland makes them all the more impressive.

I think lots of folks will agree that their sound is best epitomized by "I'm Not Right". It's a real hit, so much so it was used in a documentary about Cleveland punk rock. "I'm Not Right" spits out adolescent alienation like only the best punk rock songs can: it's short, doesn't fuck around and drenched in animosity.

Future Shock blog has mondo info on this band: Future Shock

The Guns have a MySpace page, where I procured this image:

1. Support
2. Close Up
3. One True Desire
4. I'm Not Right
5. Parasite
6. Wasted Talent
7. The Chair
8. Shut Up
9. Kill Preps
10. Outta Glue
11. Locked Inside
12. Green Grass
13. Rotting Away

Note: The last two tracks, "Your Mistake" and "Symptom of the Universe", are missing from my copy.

Download them here! The Guns

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Wrecks: Teenage Jive demo tape (1982)

The Wrecks were a trailblazing all female band from Reno in the early eighties. This tape is the complete package, complete with snotty vocals, a garagey sound (which has to be done right, otherwise it'll suck, but The Wrecks pull it off with reckless abandon) and provocative lyrics. Yep, this is the shit and if there was any justice in the world, they'd be better known than the Go-Go's.

Image is from Kill From The Heart

1. I Love to Shoplift
2. Couldn't Believe It
3. High School Anthem
4. Communist Bucks
5. SBS
6. Lullaby of the Womb
7. Slow Boat to Yuba
8. Punk is an Attitude
9. This Land is Your Land

Download it here! The Wrecks

Down By Law: s/t (1991)

Every now and then, a record comes along that defines a period of your life. Right place, right time sort of thing. This record fits the bill exactly for me and sadly, I think it’s out of print. Luckily, I picked this record up at a store in what was then the world’s biggest mall.

I got Down By Law’s first record in December, 1991. It was a particularly unstable time for me. Typical teenage crap, and I felt as if my life’s foundations were built out of wet bread sticks.

This record really spoke to me. A lot of the lyrics deal with following your dreams and being true to yourself. Dave Smalley knows how to put pen to paper and produced such profound nuggets like, "In order to be good, does that mean we must be great?" from "Vision" and these hopeful words from "Dreams Away":"Hold your head up/Target their world /Just let em fly/Dreams away".

For someone who was in an existential crisis, words like those were a salve to my despair. And to satisfy my need to change the world, Smalley penned "Matt Gleason Is God". Put together a cool bass line, a catchy tune and earnest words like: "There's so much darkness in our day/Bleed the planet, kill each other freedom what a price we pay/I'd swallow all the poison to make it go away . . ." and you get one fuck of a song. To top it all of, the refrain "We've gotta go!/We're gonna see it through/Your times are calling you" inspired me to try to commit to a better world.

The words would mean shit if the music didn't rock, but thankfully Down By Law delivers. If you someone like Smalley, who cut his teeth with DYS, helped to reinvent hardcore with Dag Nasty and even found time to be All's first singer, together with the rhythm section of the Chemical People and a guitarist from Clawhammer, you've got a wicked combination. Smooth melodic hardcore with a jumpy surf beat is a decent description, me thinks.

Image is from

"Best Friends" is a cover of song by The Outlets. The blog "Rocket Science" has the original for download.

1. Right or Wrong
2. Vision
3. Dreams Away
4. Down the Drain
5. American Dream
6. The Truth
7. Best Friends
8. Matt Gleason is God
9. The One
10. Can't See It Still
11. Surf Punk
12. Too Much Grey

Download it here! Down By Law

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Urban Assault: s/t (1982)

Urban Assault, the name that was so cool to early eighties hardcore folks that two bands (two!) took it as their moniker; one from San Francisco and the other from Reno. The Reno one put out a demo and was on a few comps as well. Their problem, to paraphrase an old review of a Reno comp, was that they suffered from the typical Skeeno problems of poor production.

This is the San Francisco Urban Assault. The production was dismissed by Flex as being weak, but whatever. This rules, and is worth a listen just for "Join The Army" alone. This song represents punk rock alienation to a T, with the attitude to boot. Check these lyrics out:

Be a cop, patrol the street, busting heads and kicking ass
Go to church, be real neat, say your prayers and go to mass
Because they’re all stupid fools
They’re all wasting their time trying to be so fucking cool
Because they’re all stupid fools
And they can all go to hell

Definitely the shining moment of the record.

Oh, there was an Urban Assault from Johannesburg, South Africa as well. What is it about this name?

Image is from Kill From The Heart

1. Urban Assault
2. Shock Value
3. Join the Army
4. Product of Society

Download it here: Urban Assault

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We The Living: Carnival of Vice (1985)

Smoking hardcore from the American dong state, Florida. Lots of the lyrics are impossible to understand, but on rippers like “Shamade”, it matters little. Actually, it makes the song better. The one song you can hear the words is “Mixed Up World”, their cover of Madonna’s “Material World”. Their version is priceless as they tear the material girl's song to shreds with over the top vocals and the occasional spazzy part, making you realize you can't put a price on this, umm, material.

Images are from and Kill From The Heart

1. Fudge Ripple
2. Shamade
3. Bingo
4. Abortion Attempt
5. Mixed Up World

Download it here! We The Living

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Prevaricators: No Kidding (1983)

Cool release from Virginia’s The Prevaricators. I was really into this record a few years back. If you’re ever surrounded by wannabe cool dudes, crank “I’m So Cool”. The sarcasm literally drips off the wax with snotty lyrics and a catchy chorus that goes “I’m so cool, I’m so cool, don’t you wish you were too?” Wicked!

It all starts off, however, with the awesome “Ode To Uncle Ed”. That song makes me think of this old drinking buddy of mine who, coincidentally, was named Uncle Ed as well. Funny that, eh? We used to drink pretty hard back a while ago and some good times and some sad times were had by all. Rest in peace, Uncle Ed.

Images are from Kill From The Heart and the band's My Space page.

Download it here! The Prevaricators

1. Ode to Mr. Ed
2. Hanky Panky
3. Livin' in Khaki
4. I'm So Cool

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gash: G.A.S.H. (1986)

Three girls and one dude from Australia deliver some killer punk. The music screams contempt at a sick society and to think they succeeded against who knows how many sexist barriers makes you admire their drive and courage. Hell, even now in supposedly liberal countries like Canada they would be an anomaly and face many gender based obstacles and music critics would only blabber about their femaleness, forgetting how good their music is.

So, I’ll spare you all the clichés about female bands who rock hard, trite things like “If you think they can’t hold their own with the boys, think again”, or presumptuous things like, “They must be lesbians,” or downright insulting things like “people only like them because they’re girls.” Whatever.

The fact of the matter is that G.A.S.H. is awesome and holds it own with any record released by any band. Gash’s hardcore is played fast and mean. The vocals are nice and ferocious and the music is as powerful as a Mack truck. Every song packs a punch, with “Because You Are A Woman” stands out for its angry pace and snarled vocals. The whole record is like that and is a real shot in the face. Words like awesome don't even come close to describing how good Gash is.

Image is from

Band bio is here:

1. The Future
2. Cleo Cosmo
3. Gash Thrash
4. I Hate You
5. Coppin Shit
6. Because You Are a Woman
7. Civilized Man
8. Lovegame Bullshit
9. God Is Dead
10. Stick A Needle
11. Environmental Rape
12. Baby Seals
13. Gash for Cash
14. South Africa
15. Aquarius
16. Corpses

Download it here: Gash

Friday, June 5, 2009

Genetic Control: Brave New World (2005)

I got this CD as a freebie when I ordered the S.C.U.M. Born Too Soon reissue from Sonik's Chicken Shrimp Records. From what I gather, it’s long out of print. That’s a shame, since this CD includes Genetic Control’s 7”, which is one mighty slab o’ wax. When I first heard First Impressions, I just about jumped out of my dumpster dived chair and slammed danced with my empty bottles of liquor.

The version of First Impressions I have has a different song order than this CD. That’s because I have a CD reissue and on Brave New World, the song order stays true to the original 7” release.

It is said that good things come in threes, and the three leading songs of the first CD reissue, consisting of “Suburban Life”, “Urban Cowboy” and “1984” prove that cliché to a T. They are three of the most urgent, sarcastically snotty and angry songs placed beside each other. “Suburban Life” pokes fun at the myth of suburban happiness; “Urban Cowboy” is a shot at those losers who think they’re John Wayne and like to pick fights with anyone who looks different; while “1984” chastises complacency as Big Brother takes over our lives. Taken together, they are as good as anything out there. To be honest, these three songs are so good that I never listen to the rest of the EP. I’m too spent picking up glass from broken bottles and fixing my chair. Enjoy.

Genetic Control's My Space page:

Punk History Canada has a band bio and an image.

1. intro
2. Suburban Life
3. 1984
4. Puff the Magic Dragon
5. Dirty Rocker
6. Abandoned At Birth
7. Meet Billy
8. Big Takeover
9. Right Brigade
10. Brave New World
11. First Impressions
12. Gilligan’s Isle
13. NFS (new fucking song)
14. Drunk Again
15. Love Rat
16. Rockin’ With Seka
17. Urban Cowboy
18. Betray
19. outro
(Live from Montreal, 1998)

20. Suburban Life intro (Nasty Race)
(Primitive Air Raid comp, 1984)

21. Suburban LifeCheck Spelling
22. Urban Cowboy
23. Love Rat
24. Brave New World
25. 1984
(First Impressions EP, 1984)

26. The End

Download it right here: Genetic Control

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Zero Boys: History of the Zero Boys (1984)

People go gaga over the first Zero Boys full length, Vicious Circle, but for my money this cassette only release rocks much harder than Vicious Circle. It’s faster, tighter and definitely much more catchier. and the praise doesn’t get much better than when Tim Yohannan in Maximum Rocknroll #15 compares them to the Circle Jerks “as prime exponents of brisk, hook-laden thrash and punk.” A pretty lofty comparison, but entirely deserved on this tape.

In short, it shreds. It rips, it rocks, it rules. You could even say History of the Zero Boys is the feudal overlord to the peasant Vicious Circle. Like I said, you could, but I won’t :)

Image and quote from Kill From The Heart

1. Drive In
2. Black Network News
3. Splish, Splash
4. I Need Inergy
5. Johnny Better
6. Dingy Bars Suck
7. Seen That Movie Before
8. High Places
9. Blood's Good
10. Human Body
11. Mom's Wallet
12. Down the Drain
13. Outta Style
14. You Can Touch Me
15. Trying Harder
16. I'm Bored

Download it now! Zero Boys

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Doughboys: Home Again (1989)

The middle of nowhere sucked it pretty bad the last few weeks weather wise. It would be on the brink of spring and life would be sweet and just as you were thinking about growing your own food and digging a few fire pits, then it would snow. This happened more than once and it sucked. Thankfully, cross your fingers, it’s changed now for the good and what better way to celebrate the change of seasons than to listen to the Doughboys.

The Doughboys sophomore release is the sound of spring: of more sunlight, warmer days, pretty flowers and long walks surrounded by trees with budding leaves. It is a record for slipping under a blanket on the grass and watching the sunset and sunrise on the same night with your special someone. After winter's long journey through your soul, Home Again is spring’s symphony of happiness and fresh coffee and maybe a slurpee or two and holding hands with your corazón and for being at long last, home.

1. Buying Time
2. No Way
3. I Won't Write You a Letter
4. Waiting Away
5. White Sister
6. Numbered Days
7. In My Head
8. Today
9. Never Sleep
10. She Doesn't Live There Anymore

Download it now! Home Again

Monday, May 25, 2009

Who Cares compilation (1981)

Killer early 80s comp from southern California. Lots of this is beach punk and a nice companion piece to Posh Boys’ “Beach Blvd” compilation from 1979. All of the bands are solid, but one stands heads and shoulders above the rest, and that is Political Crap.

This was professional skater Duane Peters’ first band and Political Crap deliver some of punk’s finest moments with these three songs. The music is beach punk like the rest of the comp, but the difference is that Political Crap is much more aggressive. There is so crossover appeal for surfers. This is raw punk.

The Master of Disaster’s lyrics deal with teenage angst, dread, and anxiety about growing up. What makes them is so authentic is that they were, of course, the product of a teenager. All three songs rule, but for me, “Slow Death” is one of the best moments in music history. Never before has raw despair been recorded as convincingly as Peters rails against the future that society has in store for him. When I listen to it, it reminds me to do all I can to avoid the slow death. To think a song recorded by teens nearly 30 years ago can do that is just fucking rad.

Download it now! Who Cares

1. Tomorrows Theme
1. Liza Jane
3. Hollywood Nightmare
4. Baby Maybe
5. I Had Fun
6. Make Me
7. Riot Squad
8. No Justice
9. Scrapped
Political Crap:
10. On Your Own
11. Slow Death
12. Rejected
Civil Disobedience:
13. Too Drunk Last Night
14. Campaign Promises
15. Confused
Shattered Faith:
16. I Love America
17. Discontent
18. Trilogy

Friday, May 15, 2009

Diamond Dave

image from

You stick your head above the crowd and attract attention and sometimes somebody will throw a rock at you. That's the territory. You buy the land, you get the Indians.

David Lee Roth

Just for saying such ignorant racist dribble alone, Diamond Dave deserves a beating. But since this is Diamond Dave, he deserves oh so much more. Perhaps he can spend the rest of his botox infused life listening to Skyscraper continuously. Then again, he probably thinks it's good, and believes that "Just Like Paradise" is profound, being the fucking arrogant loser he is. We'll come up with something.

In the meantime, we can amuse ourselves with this recording of David Lee Roth giving us vocal stylings that would have made Pavarotti jealous. I won't even try to describe this, because Mike at Convulsing Discharge of Inanity does it way better than I ever could. All I can say is imagine Diamond Dave singing without the benefit of a backing band. Listen to it here: Diamond Dave

This pic is from 2008 and is from Diamond Dave's site. Doesn't the Mad Hatter look so much better than before?

Anyone have a rock?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

MSI: More Stupid Initials (1986) and An Amazing Feat (1989)

More Stupid Initials were a hardcore band from Toronto. They formed from the ashes of punk rock group DOG (Death of Gods), another abbreviated name, which might explain their name. Truth be told, punk bands have a thing for initials: MDC, SNFU, DOA, etc. It must be a part of the punk rock code: thou shalt play at least once in a band with initials. But I digress.

An Amazing Feat was their second release, having put out More Stupid Initials in 1986.

By the way, if you want some rad tunes, download the Death of Gods record at the True Punk and Metal blog: DOG

Punk History Canada has a brief little history here. Tis also where I got the image.

More Stupid Initials (missing the song “Addict” for some unknown reason):

1. The generic straight edge song
2. Satan hellfuck
3. Shopping mall massacre
4. The wizard of Oz
5. Back in control
6. Midway
7. Choice
8. Deep inside

Download it now! More Stupid Initials

An Amazing Feat:
1. Day dream
2. Shoelace
3. Macho man
4. Border song
5. Make my day
6. Rear view mirror

Download it now! An Amazing Feat

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Diet of Worms: Aren’t You Hungry? (1990)

Originally recorded in 1984, this Oklahoma band’s only single wasn’t released until 1990. They played decent hardcore that would’ve sounded a whole lot better if they had had a better recording. The vocals seem to get the worse of it. Sometimes they’re tinny and raw and usually that might be cool to me, but in this case it can leave a lot to be desired.

This record actually reminds me a lot of another band that recoded in the first half of the 80s, but didn’t release unti1 1990, Bored Youth. Bored Youth had the early Midwest sound: loud, fast, and simple. They also had vocals that to my ears sound eerily similar: tinny, a bit whiney and definitely under produced.

Images from Kill From The Heart

Bored Youth’s Touch and Go is available on the blog Rare Punk Music to Share: Bored Youth

Download Diet of Worms here: Diet of Worms

Friday, May 1, 2009

Circle of Hate: Go For It (1989)

The Dutch have given the world a lot. Windmills, liberal drug laws and Total Football spring immediately to mind, thus making Holland a country for Eurotrash to play, examine ancient alternative energy sources and hope to meet Johan Cruyff.

Too bad, because the Dutch also gave the world some absolutely ripping punk rawk bands. B.G.K., Nog Watt and Gepøpel rocked and the almighty Funeral Oration rank right up there as one of the greatest bands ever, punk, Dutch or not (check out Blogged and Quartered for a fantastic download of early Funeral Oration

Circle of Hate are not as good as those bands in my opinion. Then again, not many are and Go For It is still pretty good. Like the above groups, they take their cue from American hardcore, but they also add a skate rock edge. The tunes are fast and bouncy, making the end result a decent slab of wax.
Side One: Ich habe es nicht gewubt / Wish I got fired
Side Two: Vivisection / Go for it
Download it now!: Circle of Hate

Monday, April 27, 2009

Chronic Submission: Sick of Reality (1983) and Empty Heads, Poison Darts (1985)

I haven’t been around for a while, but I never forgot Thoughtcrime. And to prove my coolness, I bring forth a special treat of moon jumping proportions: both of Chronic Submission’s tapes. This criminally underrated band from Toronto tore it up with great licks and wicked tempos and before you say their faster songs rip off Jerry’s Kids, kindly note that both the Boston thrashers' Is This My World? and Sick of Reality came out in the same year. So there.

These tapes showcase a great band in fine form. There's even a punk rock medley for your listening pleasure. How cool is that? In fact, Chronic Submission is so good they will have you jumping for the moon in no time.

See you up there!
Tape image is from It also has a brief bio of the band.
Sick Of Reality:
1. Sick of reality
2. Walked away
3. Kill the press - pantyhose - plastic punk - streetcar windows - baby killer
4. No remorse
5. Bulldozer
6. Get lost bitch
7. Psycho path
8. In hiding and on the run
9. Death squad
10. Whose right is it?
11. Chronic submission
12. Narc
13. Go 4 it - cops ain’t tops
14. Kids, krime and kaos
15. Nuclear threat
16. Take action
17. Running with anger
18. They’re fucked - I hate preppies
19. Oscar
Empty Head, Poison Darts:
1. Four points
2. Chronic submission
3. Living to kill
4. Go 4 it
5. Cops ain’t tops
6. Modern hell
7. Chasing the dragon
8. Kids, krime and kaos
9. Not At All
10. Bad Trip
11. Narc
12. World of change
13. Tight as a vice
14. Bulldozer
15. Glutton for punishment
16. Psycho path
17. Urban violence
18. Sick of reality

Download them now:

Monday, April 13, 2009

Identity Crysis: Tied To The Tracks (1987)

Identity Crysis were a hard hitting hardcore band from Sacramento and as far as I know, Tied To The Tracks was their only release. ‘Tis a shame because this record rips. Released on Mystic Records, Identity Cryisis shred their way though six songs like they were paying for the recording by the second. So strap yourself in and enjoy the ride, because Tied To The Tracks will send you on a punk rock rollercoaster that will makes you gasp for more.

Go to the LOSERLIST69 Blog for a cool interview. It is also where I lifted the image.

Side One: 1941 / Unseen Foe / Driving Force
Side Two: Insane / Drink / Memories

Download it here: Identity Crysis

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wheat Chiefs: Redeemer (1996)

Ship of Fools formed in the wake of SNFU’s demise in 1988. Consisting of three members of SNFU, including the guitar playing Belke brothers, they ended up changing their name to Wheat Chiefs and they released a short cassette in 1990, I think.

Wheat Chiefs had to put up with lots of shit. Lots of people expected a reincarnation of SNFU, just without Chi Pig singing, and were not happy when what they got instead was melodic alternative rock. They were plenty of "Play some SNFU!" shouts from unhappy punkers at their early shows. At the band’s beginning the difference between SNFU’s brand of hardcore and Wheat Chiefs’ toned down punk could not have been more striking, but people came around to them. I even understood that as much as I wanted them to play songs that they wrote when they were teens, it sometimes isn't feasible.

The thing is that the Wheat Chiefs did it right. On Redeemer, they took punk to a different level, concentrating more on well crafted songs than on just playing fast and loud. That's not to say that SNFU didn't have well crafted songs; it's just that the songs on Redeemer are more refined and mellower. The punk attitude is still there, but some of the fury has taken a hike.

Don't worry though, there's still plenty of attitude against suburban dweebs in "Neighbors" ('I would die if I were like you') and spoiled hockey players like the subject of "Joe Murphy". Wheat Chiefs actually make that song's refrain of "Say goodbye, I will say goodbye" seem to mean more than just an indictment against a kooky hockey player who thought he was a god and should be paid accordingly. They make it mournful, as if you should be listening to it after you left your fiancee at the train station before going to war.

I borrowed the image from

1. Refuse
2. Twist this around
3. Theme song
4. Joe Murphy
5. Redeem
6. Neighbors
7. Crawl
8. Hard 2 love
9. Everything
10. Rock & Roll Makes Me Party on MTV & the Radio in the U.S.A.

Download it here: Wheat Chiefs

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Blake Babies: Innocence and Experience (1993)

A compilation of unreleased songs and hits from previous efforts, Innocence and Experience serves as a kind of greatest hits collection. I don’t know how much of an endorsement this is, but my kids really like it. Mind you, they like every bit of music I subject them to, but it seems they especially like Blake Babies. My daughter always asks in a sweet and thin voice oddly reminiscent of Juliana Hatfield, "Where is the girl singer?"

Blake Babies were Juliana Hatfield’s band, where she played seemingly simple bass lines that upon closer inspection were as intricate as arabesques. The music is indie, for a lack of better term. Unfortunately I never heard of The Blake Babies until my friend told me to check them out. "Very well written songs, man" was about what he told me. This was about eight years after we saw Juliana Hatfield live, the bastard. He could’ve told me sooner.

As for their name, the story goes they got their name from Allen Ginsberg when they asked him to name their band and as far as lyrics go, they are worthy of the Howl man himself. I don’t know if an indie band had ever evoked such heartache and caustic regret with such skill before. Check these lyrics out from "Star": "You ring me up and you bring me down/I never know if you'll come around/I like the salty taste in my mouth/Ten minutes on the lips, ten days without" or "Cesspool": "They took it away, they're not gonna put it back/They think they've got me in a trap/But there's one thing I'm prepared to do/To make this cesspool as good as new/I'll get my guns and both of my friends/We'll make some righteous amends...maybe we'll start a trend." Fuck yeah.

I got the image here:

1. Wipe it up
2. Rain [demo]
3. Boiled potato
4. Lament
5. Cesspool
6. You don't give up
7. Star [demo]
8. Sanctify
9. Out there
10. Girl in a box
11. I'm not your mother
12. Temptation eyes
13. Downtime
14. Over and over (live)

Download Blake Babies here: Innocence and Experience

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

State of Confusion: 6.3 Million Acres (1986)

State of Confusion hailed from Idaho, home of tasty potatoes and birthplace of Pushead. The only time I’ve ever been there was for about an hour as my friends and I drove through it in the middle of the night. I don’t know if I missed much or not.

6.3 Million Acres is killer. Aggressive, insightful hardcore is the name of their game and they pull it off better than most. Tight rhythms, angry sounds and fast guitar make State of Confusion fucking rock.

Then there are the lyrics. “Do you feel safe? You’re so fucking safe” the singer snidely screams in “Feel Safe” a decade before things like gated communities became the fashionable thing to do. If I may, I'd like to go on a tangent for a second. On the same trip when I went through Idaho, I spent a day or two in a small town in Oregon. This town, in supposedly liberal Oregon, had a gated community. I was like “What the fuck do you have to hide from? Rampaging beavers? Whatever.” Now it seems like every shit town and city in North America has at least one gated community. Even Idaho, not that I'd know.

Download State of Confusion’s A Street here:

The image was scammed from

1. Education
2. State of Confusion
3. Saveface
4. Public Lands
5. Foolish One
6. Hey
7. 5 Lives
8. Imagination
9. I-84
10. Feel Safe
11. Silence
12. Dirt
13. Rut
14. Freedom of the Hill
15. Blanketpower
16. Discipline
17. TV Mutation
18. Choose
19. Collection Bureau
20. Where's the Love?

Download it here: State of Confusion

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Warren Commission: Tricked By Cleverness (2001)

I read Punk Planet’s review for Tricked By Cleverness when it first came out and I remember thinking that The Warren Commission sounded cool. If I recall correctly, the venerable mag (RIP) said something like the band had girl/boy singing and evoked an early nineties indie feel. Further, the reviewer liked the girl’s songs over the boy’s.

That's about right. The songs where the girl sings are musical crack. Once you're hooked it's impossible to stop listening. You'd rather sell your grandma down the river than give them up. They're just so, I don't know, sweet.

The boy's few songs are awful. I keep thinking that it's like he wrote lots of the music for the band and felt entitled to sing solo at least two songs on the record. It was the least the rest of the band could do to repay him was his thinking. He thought wrong, but judge for yourself.

This was released by Espo Records and as far as I know, is out of print.

11. A.B.T.

Download The Warren Commission: Tricked By Cleverness

An Open Letter to the Honorable Jason Kenney, the Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism for Canada

325 East Block House of Commons
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A6

Dear Mr. Kenney:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your government for adverting a national security disaster. By preventing Scottish politician George Galloway’s entrance into our country you surely have saved countless lives. The citizens of Canada are blessed to have your wisdom as an integral part of the government.

As you know, Galloway, whose speaking tour "Resisting War from Gaza to Kandahar" was to bring him to Canada, clearly violates domestic law through his active support of groups you deem as terrorist organizations. That, and his outspoken stand against the state of Israel’s expansionist policies makes him unworthy to step foot in our peace loving country. The fact that he has never fired a shot at one of our allies and his assistance to groups like Hamas is purely humanitarian is hardly the point. What is right is right and the citizens of this country know that you love to be right.

May I now mention what is wrong? What is wrong is that the groups who tried to bring Galloway to Canada are getting away with murder. They must answer for attempting to bring this terrorist to our sacred land. I’m sure the RCMP and CSIS have extensive records for you to exploit on The Council of Canadians, Canadian Civil Liberties Union, Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights, along with the anti-war coalitions, labour unions and community groups who conspired to bring him here. Can you see about deporting them?

At this stage in the game, when terrorists surely can make a winning move anytime and topple our peace loving democracy, I am thankful to have you in charge of my children’s well being. The opposition Liberals are as spineless as cluster bomb casualties and will not stand up to these commie pinko bastards. Plus, you have the added satisfaction knowing that you will have appeased the Zionist lobby that your party so actively courts. What would they have said about allowing an outspoken champion of Palestinian rights into the land of the free? Better not take the chance.

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate my thanks to you for sticking up for democracy. I am glad to have you on freedom’s side. By the way, did you have a chance to shake George W. Bush’s hand when he was in our country a few weeks ago? I am sure he would be very proud of your principled stand.
Adam Durose


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Better Yet...Connecticut Hardcore compilation (1988)

Subtitled “Fresh in the Summer of 88”, this comp is the fist release by Skene Records. I have to admit being drawn to the bands for purely superficial reasons at first. Like how I appreciate the name Big Gulp for a punk rock band name because not much says teenage ennui and frivolousness as much as that name. I’ve also been fascinated by Fallback. Their cassette release The Scene Is Back, also on Skene, looks like it could be a real ripper. Too bad I’ve never heard it and every effort I’ve made to unearth it has been fruitless. If you have a copy please get in touch.

Flex ( largely dismisses this release, giving it a six out of ten. I’d say it’s worth more than that. Thew music is solid and there’s some funky bass on this, giving credence to my claim that lots of punk rock bass players at then end of the eighties thought they could play like Flea.

Side 1: Big Gulp - Fresh as hell & Proud to be a carnivore / Freedom of Choice - Know who you are

Side 2: Fallback - Fucked over / Forced Reality - Don't let it happen / Scooter X - My dad'll eat anything

Download it now! Better Yet

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another Shot For Bracken compilation (1986)

Like most comps, Another Shot For Bracken is really a hit or miss affair. And boy, the misses are so spectacular they explode right of the vinyl. Like, the Scream tune, which is laughable in its wannabe rock lameness and I really could’ve done without Scram’s reggae cover of "Imagine". These are the bombs that you wish were labeled as ‘duds’ on the assembly line.

Ok, now that the negativity is out of the way, let’s focus on what’s good. The Dissonance track rules and I’m really stoked to have found their 1985 demo on the Flint Underground Music Archive. I’m linked to it now and I totally recommend the site. There are a whole bunch of demos from Flint bands over the years for download, plus some other cool things. It's definitely worth a visit.

Before Motley Crue made it acceptable for generations of shitty hair bands to cover "Anarchy in the UK", Adrenalin O.D. beat them to it and dare I say it, did a way better job than any crappy metal band could ever do. There’s also the Entirely Distorted tune, which is, as far as I know, one of only two songs they committed to vinyl. I’m still desperate to find a copy of their demo, but what can you do? Not much, but enjoy what you got, watch Being Erica and try to laugh along the way.

1. Flag of Democracy - The Family Knows
2. Scream - Green Eyed Lady
3. Short Dogs Grow - Grandstand Play
4. Dissonance - Cruise Control
5. Verbal Assault - Untitled
6. Entirely Distorted - I Could See Myself
7. The Brigade - The Last Frontier
8. Outcry - Someday
9. White Flag - Suicide King
10. 7 Seconds - When One Falls
11. 5 Balls of Power - Radio Station A.S.O.L.
12. Adrenalin O.D. - Anarchy in the U.S.A.
13. Scram - Imagine
14. Care Unit - Little Circus Man
15. Youth of Today - We Just Might
16. Action Figure - Use Your Head
17. Sins - Crazy River

Cover image from

Download it here: Bracken

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ninth Configuration: Ninth Configuration (1987)

The first time I saw was NiCon was at a local dive in the spring of 1990. Like about half of the other people there I was underage (RIP Ambassador, AKA The Ambo, The Slambo, and whatever else rhymes with bow). I don’t remember who else played but I sure the hell remember Ninth Configuration. They owned the stage. That little slab of wood couldn’t cage them as the singer fiercely sang to music that had the power of an elephant gun. It was absolutely incredible.

Later, when I bought their tape Vegas, I was slightly disappointed. I was looking for hardcore but got something a little less aggressive. It took a while to grow on me, but once I got it, it made more sense than blackjack. Their first tape might’ve been more to my taste at the time, but I had no idea it even existed. Luckily my pal in Vancouver sent me a burned copy a few years ago and now we can all enjoy it. Together.

Download the second NiCon tape, "Vegas", from the Calgary Cassette Preservation Society:

I got the image from Punk History Canada. Thanks to Golden Rock for having the eyes of an eagle and seeing the date for this tape's release.

1. Walkaway
2. Stalin’s A Vampire
3. Brune Hilda
4. Die For You
5. Blowin’ In The Wind
6. No Hope
7. In My Dreams
8. Say It Again
9. Party Girl / Corner Of The Room

Download it here: Ninth Configuration

Monday, March 16, 2009

Bullyproof: Uno Glançero (1998)

Another band from Edmonton that should've been huge. Funnily enough Bullyproof feature a few members of the other band from I feel should've been colossal, The All Woman Brothers Band.

Jack Endino flew to the Badlands to produce it, which was a big, big deal. Even mainstream media reported it. It would've rocked without him, but having Endino at the helm certainly didn't hurt the cause. Regardless, what Bullyproof ended up providing us was an absolute ripping record: crisp barre chords recklessly shatter anything within screeching distance while the bass dances a jig and the drums smash them both together nicley. Oh, and the sugary vocals are almost sweet enough to cover the singer's despair. Almost, but not quite.

1. Pud
2. Way Away
3. Untie Me
5. Hot Water Bottle
6. Tick
7. Jeeves
8. Dunt
9. Suffer
10. Lunar Eclipse
11. Public Relations Baby
12. Newsmonger
13. Resolver

Download it here: Bullyproof

Sunday, March 15, 2009

X-Men: X-Men (1988)

I have to admit that I was scared. For my birthday, my sister bought me a 1988 record off eBay by a band called the X-Men and the prospect petrified me a bit. I worried that the X in question connoted some straight edge affiliation. Not that I don't like straight edge hardcore; it's just I've had my fill lately. Too much generic straight edge music makes me want to drink and I haven't had a drop for years. Then I remembered the label that released it was Adrenalin O.D.'s Buy Our Records and as far as I knew, AOD had little to do with straight edge.

I also had to struggle with an inner geek who was stoked to find a band named X-Men. A melding of hardcore and comics seemed like such a rad thing to my little nerd. "What if they dressed like the uncanny X-Men when they played and had stage names like Wolverine and Nightcrawler and Kitty Pryde sang for them? How cool would that be?" The cover only served to stoke his imagination.

When I finally got the record, the back photo scared me more than anything else because a couple of X-Men looked like they could've been in Def Leppard. I was sure that this record would be the worst hardcore record ever with generic straight edge lameness sung by comic geeks who wanted to sound like Warrant. Great.

Turns out I was way wrong. What the X-Men deliver is solid mid-tempo hardcore with decent playing and singing. They're catchy and totally undeserving of my paranoia.

1. This thing of ours
2. The ball and chain
3. Kid blast
4. Not in my eyes
5. Fall into you
6. Exiled
7. I never close my eyes
8. Red box
9. Parasite
10. Down on the grip
11. The underworld
12. Black widow

Download it now: X-Men

Friday, March 13, 2009

Various: Bobbing For Pavement comp (1991)

1991 was important year for me in terms of compilations. Three in particular stand out. The first one to get the ball rolling was the New Red Archives comp “Hardcore Breakout USA”. This was the first time I heard great bands like Samiam, Hogan’s Heroes and G-Whiz, amongst others. It was truly revelatory and showed us that there were still scenes all over filled with fucked up kids like us.

The next two comps were both put out by the Better Youth Organization and both ruled. Listening to 1982’s “Someone Got Their Head Kicked In” was a trip to southern California punk rock heaven, while 1984’s “Something To Believe In” had a SNFU cut that is worth the price alone.

“What’s your point?” you may rightly ask and all I can say is that I miss the days when comps were meaningful. Back then, a comp was often a genuine representation of a scene, a real voice about what was going on that time. Now, any moron can manufacture and distribute CDs for cheap. There’s little care and even less meaning. They’re just free throwaway CDs in your mailorder now.

Which brings me to this post. I would've liked Rathouse Records' 1991 comp Bobbing For Pavement (reissued later by Broken Rekids but now out of print). Yes, it’s a Seattle comp but who cares. The bands are good, and the songs are diverse. There's little or none of that 'g' word that rhymes with expunge. The Gits deliver some smoking songs, one of which would show up on their first record. There’s even a pirate tune and we all know you can't go wrong with that. For me though, Hammerbox really stole the show. Their songs are catchy and just a little dirty. Enjoy.

Gas Huffer: 1. A Disgruntled Ex-employee 2. Big Car Pile-up
The Gits: 3. Here’s To Your Fuck 4. Ain’t Got No Right
D.C. Beggars: 5. Tale Of Lies 6. Narrow Is A Sin
Bay Of Pigs: 7. Pirate Song
Big Brown House: 8. The Raft 9. Another Drunken Winter
Hammerbox: 10. Starry Winter 11. Garnet Mile
My Name: 12. Rap, Cholos, And Oi
Derelicts: 13. Dirty City Rotten Life

Download it now! Bobbing For Pavement

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Dog Popper - 668: The Neighbor of the Beast (1988)

In the late eighties, My Dog Popper took a stand that not many others did. On "Honky Night In Canada", they said fuck you to the burgeoning commercial hip hop sound that would ultimately culminate with the likes MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice a few years later. And the crown jesters of Canadian punk had a good time doing it too.

This is another band that I heard first because of a mix tapes. Fuck, I miss the lost art of the mix tape. There were so many quandaries you had to face when making one: what song leads off, how you do finish side 1 as opposed to side 2, how many songs will you able to fit on either side. The list is endless. Now it seems like all you have to do is drag some songs over to some software and then you got a mix CD. Magic. No fuss, no worries. It’s all so mechanical, like counting beans.

This record has some immortal moments, like the despairing (yes, despairing) “Gino (I Lost My Job to A Guy Named…)”. Regardless if someone named Gino ever jacked some work from you, I think we can all relate to the hopeless hilarity the singer feels. Listen to it and you’ll see what I mean. There’s real insight here too, like the line “666 equals 7-11”. My Dog Popper knew the deal. Wisdom on wax.

1. Limbo Leader
2. Pushead’s a Wanker
3. Green Eggs and Ham
4. Gino (I Lost My Job to A Guy Named…)
5. Suck My Cock
6. Deep In The Heart Of The Night
7. Homard Au Carmen Miranda
8. We’re Old, We’re Fat and We’re Slow
9. Honky Night In Canada
10. Jethro (Suede and Leather)
11. Acid Flashback

Download it now! My Dog Popper