Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Junction: A Collection of Random Mishaps (1995)

A long time ago I went far away to work. A friend, being the cool dude he is, made me a mix tape with all sorts of great tunes on it. I listened to it a lot in the ol’ country. One of the songs he included was by this awesome group called Samuel. Their song had these great male and female vocals that traded sharply off each other. It was fantastic and I was really bowled over by the power of the girl’ voice. It wasn’t that devastating diva shriek that seems to count for so much in the recording industry. She had a rough edge, yet could still deliver some finely honed vocals.

Eventually I learned that Vanessa, for that was her name, sang in Junction before Samuel. They existed from 1990 to 1993 and I believe their music now out of print. Junction played very cool indie rock in the early nineties vein. That is, they had loud, well written songs that thankfully never got wanky or too complicated. They were even a little funky. Catchy and hooky, they were my lullaby soundtrack last year. Pleasant dreams.

1. Mouth as a gun
2. Sugar mess
3. Pinewood derby
4. Timepiece
5. Swoon
6. Second skin
7. Auto body
8. Booster
9. Ivy
10. Sister
11. Big machine
12. Basking bridge
13. Admirable
14. Saturation
15. Transit

Download it now! Junction

You can download Samuel's discography here:

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