Friday, October 23, 2009

Funeral Oration: Funeral Oration (1987)

During a moment of what I hope was temporary insanity, a friend claimed that the high pitched squeal of the Bronksi Beat’s singer was an instrument. That is, he used his voice just like one would use a guitar or bass or in the BB’s case, synthesizers. Nice try, I snickered, as I struggled to regain a modicum of respect for his musical insights.

Of course, every singer uses their voice to contribute to a song. Many do it well, and others like the aforementioned Bronski Beat, use it fucking horribly. Then there’s Funeral Oration. If ever there is an example of a singer using his voice as an instrument in an awesome way, Funeral Oration is it. That dude can sing! His voice is so unique that I won’t even bother trying to describe it, because I could never do it justice.

I got this record a while ago, but wasn’t able to rip it due to my crappy record player. I finally got it work a few days ago and have been loving Funeral Oration’s 1987 release ever since. Funeral Oration rule! This album is all about punk rock played with the melody that is Funeral Oration’s trademark. Check it out and appreciate the gnarliness that belongs to Holland’s favourite sons.

Image is from Kill From The Heart

1. Here We Go Again
2. This Time & No Longer
3. The Wishing & Overland
4. The Aim I Choose
5. Used To Be
6. It Ain't Easy
7. Like Any Other Life
8. We Are Not One
9. Failers Fall
10. If You Can
11. Didn't Want to Die
12. To the Fire
13. Would You Understand
14. Find a Way
15. Tell It Like It Is
16. This Ain't Heaven

Download it here! Funeral Oration

Monday, October 19, 2009

Defoliants: Grrr (1989)

"Grrr" is a pretty diverse record from the Defoliants. As Flex says, “Intelligent & diverse hardcore with influences from Articles of Faith, Wipers, R'n'R, surf, DC sound etc. [7].” Total mouthful, I’d say.

What I find interesting is the surf influence on "Grrr". When they incorporate surf stylings in their songs, they sound almost like a heavier Agent Orange. I know it’s pretty lame to compare them to the godfathers of surf punk, but in this instance it works.

When it comes to lyrics though, the Defoliants share nothing with Agent Orange. While Mike Palm of Agent Orange likes to hang 10 on a wave of existential angst, the Defoliants are much more obnoxious. That’s not to say they lack intelligence. It’s just that the Defoliants aren’t as concerned with being too young to die.

On a completely unrelated note, I really like the album title and cover. The title is cool because it actually reflects a lot the record's mood and the cover compliments the title rather well. It gets the title across rather well me thinks.

“Steakhouse”, the first song, is a total winner with its catchy chorus of “This is my steakhouse” and gnarly guitar. "Bad Day At The Beach" will burrow its way into your head and make itself quite comfortable there. The instrumentals are also rad with their brooding guitar work.

Come to think of it, you can't go wrong with any band that makes you think of Agent Orange.

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(missing the last two tracks, “Safety Town” and “Wide World of Animals”)

1. Steakhouse
2. Quinn Martin
3. Speed Racer
4. Jack The Ripper
5. Rooked
6. Rectal Inferno
7. Bad Day At The Beach
8. West Bank
9. Art Is Dangerous
10. The Guy Who Got Mad
11. I Wish You Were Fiction

Download it here! Grrr

Monday, October 12, 2009

Go Sailor: Go Sailor (1996)

Go Sailor played top notch twee pop. Lots many of their songs' subjects are sad and brooding (though there a few that are extremely happy), but the music and singer’s voice is just so happy that you can’t help but smile. Their music is nothing but fun melancholy to me.

Go Sailor seems to be a soundtrack at pivotal moments to me. Like on this extended road trip I did they made themselves quite comfortable in my stereo or when I began this real cool correspondence, they were right there too and I imagine they will be clamoring for a spot in my rotation the next time something cool happens. I should also mention they suit regular day to day listening quite well :)

There are two reasons why you might know of this band. First, the bassist played in Crimpshrine. I remember seeing a review of this CD and some poor punker was quite pissed that Go Sailor weren’t another Crimpshrine. Personally, I’m not a fan of Crimpshrine, so there is no comparison. The only similarity between the two is, you guessed it, the bouncy bass lines. Another reason is that a couple of tracks are featured in the seminal movie “But I’m A Cheerleader”. If you haven't seen, make time for it.

This CD brings together a couple of compilation songs and three EPs. Thanks to Lookout Records’ incompetent book keeping, it is out of print.

Image is from Wikipedia

1. Last Year
2. Fine Day for Sailing
3. I'm Still Crying
4. I Just Do
5. Bigger Than an Ocean
6. Silly
7. Long Distance
8. Windy
9. Blue Sky
10. The Boy Who Sailed Around the World
11. Don't Go
12. Ray of Sunshine
13. Together Forever in Love
14. Every Day

Download it here! Go Sailor

Friday, October 9, 2009

Malefice: Lotus Blossoms (1990)

Whoa, long time, no see. It’s been a while, mainly due to some stuff for which I blame the government for , but I is back and have a psychotic little goody for your listening pleasure. Now, when we think of the "D.C Sound", we might have some preconceptions what that entails. For some it’s the wicked early eighties hardcore embodied by the likes of Minor Threat. For others, it might be the mid to late eighties stuff that took hardcore’s energy, jazzed it up and became more introspective. When it comes to Malefice though, you’re best to throw both out the window. Then yourself because this shit will drive you crazy.

It’s not the psychotic guitars or vocal stylings alone that does it. Nor is the melding of hardcore energy with these two. No, no, no. All together though, along with a fuck of a heavy sound, is what brings the insanity. Why it’s so crazy they even have spoken interludes between songs. How’s that for insane when it comes to a DC band? This is epic shit and well worth your time. Enjoy.

Image is from Kill From the Heart

1. Acid Death
2. Sea Level*
3. Overboard
4. Dr. No
5. This Is No Place
6. Chronic Thoughts*
7. Carrion
8. Into The Grinder
9. Lost Sheep*
10. Bloody Insane*

(*I'm not too sure of where these titles go in the song order :P)

Download it here! Malefice