Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fair Warning: You Are The Scene discography

This, as far as I know, is the complete discography of Montreal’s Fair Warning. Again, as far as I know, it is tragically out of print. I think I was one of the first to buy this. I’m not bragging or anything; I just really wanted it badly and began harassing Sonik Chicken Shrimp Records to do a mail order as soon as it was released. They were more than cool to deal with.

The first 13 songs are from the record “You Are The Scene!” released in 1985 and the rest are tracks from comps and whatnot. Enjoy.

Image is from Discogs

1. Time and Place
2. Second Chance
3. Blood On The Bumber
4. Skating
5. Do You Know What You Do?
6. Frayed Nerves
7. 6 O’clock Blues (Part 2)
8. Caught In A Trap
9. Wake Me Up
10. Problems
11. Could Be Worse
12. Bag Ladies
13. You Are The Scene
14. Six O’clock Blues (Part 1)
15. Open Your Eyes
16. a Man And His World
17. Say No More
18. Pain In My Brain
19. Remember The Days
20. I Will
21. Am I Guilty?
22. Consequences
23. Search For...
24. U.T.T. (United Thrashers Of Canada)
25. Days Of Loneliness
26. Problems
27. Death By Injection
28. Skating
29. Time For A Change
30. Bad Ladies
31. Video Victims
32. Fight As One

Download it now! Fair Warning