Friday, May 11, 2012

Trusty: The Paul Years (1989-1991)

Whoa, time flies. I can’t offer any excuses for neglecting this blog, won’t even try. Instead, I will just say sorry and get to it.

Trusty were the first band not from Washington, D.C. to release a record for Dischord in 1995, having hailed from Arkansas. Their early stuff, featured on this post, is pretty decent hardcore. It’s surprising, as the only exposure I had of them was their Dischord stuff, which was on the poppier side of things (“Goodbye, Dr. Fate” is cool, but do not expect tuneage like this).

This disc is well out of print and I hope it brightens up your downloading day.

1. Totally Blind
2. Mister Know-It-All
3. Soulmate
4. We Know
5. Trusty
6. Crack the Whip
7. String
8. Bitter
9. Stopwatch
10. Unhappy Jack
11. I Should Have Lied
13. Sweet n' Low
14. Never Leave My Dreams
15. R.S.V.P.
16. White Lies
17. S.T.P. / Wrong
18. Letter
19. Hey Santa
20. World We Live In
21. Home
22. Mean Mr. Mustard
23. Find Bircho
Download it now! Trusty