Monday, March 9, 2009

The Knockabouts: On Suffering Remembered (1995 release of tracks from 1983’s Angry Young Men/Aggressive Isolation demo)

Ah, to be punk in Alabama in the early eighties. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb by saying it just might have been hell. Call it a hunch, but this hell must’ve fueled The Knockabouts’ fire like copies of Huck Finn at a book burning. Can you imagine a place where the rednecks are the tolerant ones standing next to the KKK? Maybe I’m just stereotyping but it comes through in the music, which rages and rallies against bullshit. And yes, the Skynrd cover is funny but there is more here than just a shitty song being castrated. This is cool hardcore.

Lyrics are here: Knockabouts Lyrics

(image of the demo from Kill From The Heart)

1. The Beautiful
2. Shit Home Alabama
3. Where's My Vietnam?
4. Sick Society
5. Freedom Fighter
6. Aimless Youth
7. Fire Escape
8. Fast Pulse

Download it now: The Knockabouts

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abdul alhazred said...

Damn, I've been looking for this for years. First punk band from my hometown.