Sunday, March 1, 2009

All Woman Brothers Band: mid-nineties indie stuff

This band should’ve been huge. All Woman Brothers Band had incredibly well written songs, and amazing vocal harmonies. One singer has a fantastic, very feminine voice which contrasts so well with the gruffer vocals of the other singer. It’s like eating sugar with broken glass. I call it indie rock, but it just doesn’t do them justice. They were above such labels.

I saw them a few times, including once when they opened for Tilt. After AWBB broke up, a friend gave me a tape with everything he had. He knew one of the members and had most everything. I got to know their drummer too. Woldboy's a very cool guy and I told him many a time how good this band, and the one he had with another member after AWBB broke up, were.

I come back to these songs time and time again. They’re so good, so perfect, and so totally essential to my survival in this world. "Enough hyperbole!" you're screaming, and I understand but I still can't recommend this enough.

Here’s a MySpace page, where I got this image: - 81k -

All You Can Eat demo:
1. Rubber band
2. Poor favore
3. Straight thru
4. I’m found
5. Favorite jeans
6. Outta sight
7. Suffer
8. Get out of my face
9. Holy cow
10. Shut up
Payback 7:
11. Payback
12. Witchhunt
At 164 BPM 10":
13. Pure pressure
14. Suffer
15. Looking down
16. Just can’t see
More songs:
17. Insane day
18. Newsmonger
19. Shoot the skyline
20. P.R. Baby
21. Cancer schtick
22. Another day
23. Suck it
24. Rubber band
25. Witchhunt
26. Shut up

Download it here: AWBB

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