Friday, December 11, 2009

Krupted Peasant Farmerz: Everything Seems Okay (1990 - 1993)

This is another gem that I scammed from outofprintpunk.blogspot. Krupted Peasant Farmerz were very active in the early nineties and like many a great band, they did not get the recognition they deserved.

“Everything Seems Okay” is a discography covering 1990 to 1993. On it, you get 25 smart ass punk rock rippers. This CD is way out of print and fetches a pretty penny on Gemm. So in keeping with the season, I thought I’d put it up for you. Thanks again to the dude who runs the aforementioned blog and to Jeff for inspiring me to post this in the first place.

I got the viking cow image from Krupted Peasant Farmerz MySpace page.

1. Burn The Rag
2. The End
3. Invasion Of The Snailz
4. Rednecks In Love
5. Amerikan Way
6. Piano Song From Hell
7. Hemp For Victory
8. Close Your Eyes
9. Cowz Humping
10. Memories Of Death
11. Live Fast, Live Long
12. Homeless Song
13. Legalized Murder
14. Somebody
15. I Don’t Like You
16. Throw Away The Key
17. Walk Away
18. Bear Named Dog
19. Conditioned From Birth
20. Baby Boy
21. Why
22. Out Of Touch
23. Not Alone
24. Tales Of Reality
25. Time To Reflect

Download it now! Krupted Peasant Farmerz

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Shocking Truth: Acquaintance E.P. (1990)

Workshed Records was Dan O’Mahoney’s (No For An Answer) operation in the late eighties and early nineties. From what I can see, a lot of the roster was straight edge hardcore. Some of the bands, like Headfirst, apparently are pretty awesome and I will check them out right away. First, I will write this post.

Shocking Truth probably was in the minority of Workshed bands with their melodic punk rock sound. Shocking Truth’s three smoking tunes on “Acquaintance” are totally hummable and fast. Plus, they have a noodly lead guitar style that’s played so well that it gets stuck in your head way too easily.

Lyrically, they tackle some heavy issues, such as blind consumerism on “Buyer Beware”. The title track stands out for its condemnation of society’s complicity in allowing sexual assault to occur. Sadly, the EP’s cover makes sense when you have those lyrics in mind.

Depsite the heaviness of the words, this record is fun and a good listen. I dig it and I hope you do too.

1. Acquaintance
2. Buyer Beware/Judge and Jury

Download it now! Shocking Truth

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Slap Of Reality: 3 Lefts Make A Right (1991)

I got this album on Good thing I got this before it became an invite only blog, because “3 Lefts Make A Right” rules.

Hailing from Tampa Bay, Slap Of Reality rocked hard in the late eighties and early nineties. Their sound resembles the melodic punk of the day, in that it has harmony and isn’t too fast, but still has punk’s intensity. Oh, and they could play their instruments. The singer is earnest and the guitarist, who I think went on to play with Down By Law a few years later, is slick. The rhythm section, though, steals the show. They are tight and talented, with the drummer pulling all kinds of fills and the bass player uses the whole fretboard. The bass dude also plays his own lines and doesn’t just follow what the guitarist does. I could tell listening to him that as a former punk rock bass playing kind of person myself I’d have been depressed had I listened to Slap Of Reality back when I played because there is no way I’d ever have been able replicate what he does. 

As you can tell, I really dig this album. To me and I know it's a bit repetitive to say this about any late eighties/early nineties melodic band, but whatever, they sound like the Doughboys, but dare I say it, they're better. Yep, much better. Enjoy the rad sounds of Slap Of Reality. 

1. As Far As You Know
2. Certain Fall
3. Time Alone
4. Radiate
5. Different Worlds
6. Five
7. Where's It Going
8. Best of Me
9. Walk Away
10. Just What I Needed

Download it now! Slap Of Reality