Monday, March 9, 2009

Various: It Came From The Pit (1986)

This is a classic comp from Canada. There are definitely many highlights on this one: My Dog Popper’s two tracks kill and feature this classic line from “Equal Time”, “Censor something you don’t even need / You fucking American Americans can’t even read”; “Abstinence” from Entirely Distorted rocks and is one of the few songs they put on vinyl (if anyone has their demo I’d sure love a copy of it); skinhead favorites Gassenhauer rollicking track “Local Youths” sounds like it could’ve come out of London at the time; and SNFU’s cover of “Poor Pitiful Me” is hilarious.

1. Exit death – S.C.U.M.
2. Rock stars are assholes – My Dog Popper
3. Equal time – My Dog Popper
4. Teenage barnacle - Enigmas
5. To our glorious dead – Sudden Impact
6. Drunk driving – Sudden Impact
7. Abstinence – Entirely Distorted
8. Count down zero – Count Down Zero
9. Casual design – Ruggedy Annes
10. Poor pitiful me – SNFU
11. Thrashin with yer parents – Problem Children
12. Mr. Prophylactic man – League of Dead Politicians
13. Local youths - Gassenhauer
14. Everyday – October Crisis
15. Old man understand – Stretch Marks
16. No sex – Nomeansno

Download it here: It Came From The Pit

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Unknown said...

Hey, I'd love to get a copy of this great music history. I haven't heard these tunes in 20+ years. Is it still available for download somewhere?


AdamBomb said...

I'll re-up it tomorrow :)

Unknown said...

!! !! Got it !! !!

!!! Awesome !!!

Thanks so much :)