Thursday, March 5, 2009

Stretch Marks: What D'ya See (1984)

When I moved to the middle of nowhere I was pretty sure I’d be the only adult with any ties to punk rock. I certainly wasn’t expecting to see punk panhandling kids on the corner begging for change or squeegee kids doing my windows at the four way stop. So when I saw a guy wearing a SNFU shirt at our kids’ daycare, I was excited. An older punk dude here? No way! "Can we be friends?" I almost squeaked excitedly. I was giddy as a kid going to play with my friends at the, well, daycare. And that’s the great thing about punk, especially when I was younger. You’d see a complete scenester stranger on the bus or the street or wherever, and you knew and they knew how cool you both were by virtue of the music you listened to and hopefully, the values you shared.

So after I got my kids settled, I went up to Mr. SNFU and managed to say “Hey man, cool shirt,” and he said “Thanks,” and I’m surprised my voice didn’t break and in honor of that, blast this classic hardcore from the Stretch Marks.

Get it here: Stretchmarks

1. What D'Ya See
2. Time in Black
3. Another Tragedy
4. Family Affair
5. Turnbuckle Stomp
6. Lookin' for Danger
7. Preacher
8. Deaducated
9. No Answers
10. Tomorrow Will Be Better (If There is One)
11. Just a Game
12. No Freedom
13. Bad Moon

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