Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rednecks In Pain: The Tribal Dance Sequence Of The Yippin' Moo (1990)

Not only did they have a cool name, Nashville’s Rednecks In Pain played decent punk. It’s funny, but being in Zambia had me missing rednecks (their racism, intolerance and narrow minded ways)... for about a second.

Hee-fucking-haw, I’m funny!

You can get the Rednecks In Pain discography here:

Image is from Flickr

1. The Good Life/Dancin' With Manson/AK-47
2. Uptight/Painted A Pretty Picture

Download it now! Rednecks In Pain

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rabid Fetus: Cajun Justice (1989)

I know that it’s totally taken me ages since my last blog. My apologies for that; I’ve had internet issues along with Mediafire trouble. It’s been slightly infuriating, but whatever, it’s a new year full of fun possibilities, so let’s rock.

My first post of 2011 is courtesy Rabid Fetus and their release, ‘Cajun Justice’. Each song is a testament to how hardcore was alive and well at the end of 1980s, contrary to what has been argued by many. For example, in the book American Hardcore, Steven Blush arrogantly proclaims hardcore to have died in 1986. Oh, the clinical finality if it all. Incidentally, he also says that the few girls involved in the scene were mostly 'hags' and apart from D.O.A., bands from Canada made little impact on the American scene (can anyone open their mouth and say SNFU?). At least the book has a decent discography.

It’s a good thing my friends and I didn’t know that, along with countless others. We would’ve felt silly being punk rock anachronisms.
I really dislike it when people do and say what Blush does. In the movie of the same name, the sentiment is repeated by various folks who condescendingly act if they own the title, basically saying, ‘If you weren’t there, you can never be like us.’ How very inclusive and punk.

Regardless, records by bands like Rabid Fetus demonstrate that punk was alive and well then and from what I can see, it still is thriving. Right on and keep it up is I what I say to that. ‘Cajun Justice’, as far as I know, was Rabid Fetus’ only release and one of Mystic Record’s last releases to boot. It’s also out of print. For those interested, there is a Facebook group as well.

Image from Music Stack

1. Common Sense/Not The Same/Careful On Those Stairs
2. Toe The Line/Don't You Care?/Some Silly Name

Download it now! Rabid Fetus