Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Better Yet...Connecticut Hardcore compilation (1988)

Subtitled “Fresh in the Summer of 88”, this comp is the fist release by Skene Records. I have to admit being drawn to the bands for purely superficial reasons at first. Like how I appreciate the name Big Gulp for a punk rock band name because not much says teenage ennui and frivolousness as much as that name. I’ve also been fascinated by Fallback. Their cassette release The Scene Is Back, also on Skene, looks like it could be a real ripper. Too bad I’ve never heard it and every effort I’ve made to unearth it has been fruitless. If you have a copy please get in touch.

Flex (http://www.fuzzlogic.com/flex/) largely dismisses this release, giving it a six out of ten. I’d say it’s worth more than that. Thew music is solid and there’s some funky bass on this, giving credence to my claim that lots of punk rock bass players at then end of the eighties thought they could play like Flea.

Side 1: Big Gulp - Fresh as hell & Proud to be a carnivore / Freedom of Choice - Know who you are

Side 2: Fallback - Fucked over / Forced Reality - Don't let it happen / Scooter X - My dad'll eat anything

Download it now! Better Yet


Unknown said...

I would love to get a copy of this on CD if its available. I have Scooter X's 'Whadya Want For Nothin' cassette and their guitar player went to my high school. Scooter X was a great band.

AdamBomb said...

I think all of Skene's stuff hasn't been reissued, which just sucks. I'd sure love to hear that Scooter X tape. Can you upload it?

Jim said...

I'm the bass player for Scooter X, and I'd love to hear it too!