Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Guns: 1984 demo

This demo has everything that makes you want to go out and deface public property; it’s just so angry and defiant. Take the angry alienation of Black Flag, some monster metal power and combine it with the righteousness of youth and you get the wallop that The Guns deliver. The fact that The Guns were three high school kids from Cleveland makes them all the more impressive.

I think lots of folks will agree that their sound is best epitomized by "I'm Not Right". It's a real hit, so much so it was used in a documentary about Cleveland punk rock. "I'm Not Right" spits out adolescent alienation like only the best punk rock songs can: it's short, doesn't fuck around and drenched in animosity.

Future Shock blog has mondo info on this band: Future Shock

The Guns have a MySpace page, where I procured this image:

1. Support
2. Close Up
3. One True Desire
4. I'm Not Right
5. Parasite
6. Wasted Talent
7. The Chair
8. Shut Up
9. Kill Preps
10. Outta Glue
11. Locked Inside
12. Green Grass
13. Rotting Away

Note: The last two tracks, "Your Mistake" and "Symptom of the Universe", are missing from my copy.

Download them here! The Guns

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