Monday, June 15, 2009

The Prevaricators: No Kidding (1983)

Cool release from Virginia’s The Prevaricators. I was really into this record a few years back. If you’re ever surrounded by wannabe cool dudes, crank “I’m So Cool”. The sarcasm literally drips off the wax with snotty lyrics and a catchy chorus that goes “I’m so cool, I’m so cool, don’t you wish you were too?” Wicked!

It all starts off, however, with the awesome “Ode To Uncle Ed”. That song makes me think of this old drinking buddy of mine who, coincidentally, was named Uncle Ed as well. Funny that, eh? We used to drink pretty hard back a while ago and some good times and some sad times were had by all. Rest in peace, Uncle Ed.

Images are from Kill From The Heart and the band's My Space page.

Download it here! The Prevaricators

1. Ode to Mr. Ed
2. Hanky Panky
3. Livin' in Khaki
4. I'm So Cool

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Dave G said...

Great record. I have seen a full length in the used bins over the years but have passed on it for some reason.