Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Doughboys: Home Again (1989)

The middle of nowhere sucked it pretty bad the last few weeks weather wise. It would be on the brink of spring and life would be sweet and just as you were thinking about growing your own food and digging a few fire pits, then it would snow. This happened more than once and it sucked. Thankfully, cross your fingers, it’s changed now for the good and what better way to celebrate the change of seasons than to listen to the Doughboys.

The Doughboys sophomore release is the sound of spring: of more sunlight, warmer days, pretty flowers and long walks surrounded by trees with budding leaves. It is a record for slipping under a blanket on the grass and watching the sunset and sunrise on the same night with your special someone. After winter's long journey through your soul, Home Again is spring’s symphony of happiness and fresh coffee and maybe a slurpee or two and holding hands with your coraz√≥n and for being at long last, home.

1. Buying Time
2. No Way
3. I Won't Write You a Letter
4. Waiting Away
5. White Sister
6. Numbered Days
7. In My Head
8. Today
9. Never Sleep
10. She Doesn't Live There Anymore

Download it now! Home Again

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