Monday, February 16, 2009

A Priori: Damn The Past (1988)

I’m back form my conference. Things like my conference are opportunities to grab free goodies and listen to speakers preach about the difference we make each and every day. Being in the city too, I get to be around some folks who consider themselves to be fairly open-minded and concerned about this planet of ours, people who try to really comprehend what the impact of any given action might be, people who some Americans disdainfully would call liberals. It’s funny but you get the feeling that if you asked these do-gooders to give up their gas guzzling ways or 18 holes on Saturday on the pristine surface built on ancient burial grounds they’d suddenly become fiercely Republican, forget about their tree hugging ways like yesterday’s news, swap their latte for a machine gun and scream, "Over my dead body" as they fire indiscriminately into their local Greenpeace office. Or maybe I’m just tired.

One of the great things about going to the conference and driving from my sub Arctic zone to the more temperate tundra is that I get to listen to tunes. Lots of tunes. And that gets me to thinking about this here blog and what I should post next and after mulling it over with a conference call or two with the president, I decide to go with…

A Priori and their 1988 lp "Damn the Past". A Priori play UK influenced hardcore, with an emphasis on melody and strong song structure. They still play fast, but it’s just not blistering. These seven tracks are cool, and they showcase how tight this band was and some well written songs. For example, a couple of these tracks are around five minutes, but they don't feel that long. I mean every time a I hear songs that long I get bored and a little nauseous, but A Priori are able to pull it off quite well.

A Priori played on some comps, including volumes 2 and 4 of The World’s In Shreds series and the Caution comp from Skene records in 1988. I have yet to find these comps. I know A Priori just released a discography that included these tracks, but good luck finding that CD. I just decided to get the record on GEMM instead.

1. Self determination
2. American flag
3. Schoolkids
4. Poison gas
5. Ancient Chinese secret
6. Wannabe
7. Eleven


Stormy said...

Great great record. Glad to see this on someone's blog.

If anyone wants the rest of their stuff (couple demo and comp tracks), they're on my blog:


AdamBomb said...

A Priori were great and I'm glad that I can now complete my collection of their work thanks to you.