Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Urgent Fury: Demos: 1984 - 86

Argh! I erased my first two posts. Me smart so. Ok, I'll try to remember what I wrote about this fantastic album:

This is New York hardcore before the term "NYHC" came to mean macho metallic crap. This is political and fast, with a keen ear for melancholy. I defy you not to feel Urgent Fury the sadness of Tet's "I'm a stranger in my country" as the somber tune rages on. They also have haunting backing vocals that really make Urgent Fury's antagonism toward society and the loneliness it entails visceral. Seriously, I can't say enough good things about this record.

As far as I know, their demos were reissued on vinyl by Broken Rekids, but it is now out of print. Apparently a CD of live stuff and rarities is in the works. You can read about it here:


(image from Kill From The Heart)

The tracks are:

1. 58 000 Dead
2. Tet
3. Injustic Down
4. American Nazis
5. Justic Is For The Rich
6. Just A Cog In The Corporate World
7. Body Count
8. Wated Youth
9. Biggest Boy On The Block
10. From The Office Of The President

This one is for M at Salmagundi Syncopation for sending out the call for this great record and for telling me the link doesn't work. Read her zine. It's rad.

Download it now! Urgent Fury



Salmagundi Syncopation said...

I've been looking for Urgent Fury for ages! Thanks so much! Keep up with your great blog!!!!

AdamBomb said...

Thanks, M. I hope the record is as good as you remember.

Unknown said...

MANY MANY thanks for this, I used to have it on vinyl and lost in a move =/ Terryzom

Unknown said...

MANY MANY thanks for this. I used to have the Broken Rekids 10" but lost it in a move =/