Monday, February 16, 2009

The People's Court: s/t (1990)

This ep rocks. The People's Court, from what I know, were from Florida and were a part of a rad late 80s, early 90s scene there. What I really like about this record is the bass playing. That dude is slap happy. Come to think of it, lots of bands from this time liked to get funky on bass. It must be a Chili Pepper influence.

The song "Explain-explanation" knows the score about being bummed out at the end of a weekend with lyrics like In 24 hours, for 5 days, I gotta go back to work again. The singer belts out his pain in a way we can all sadly relate.

This is their only release on vinyl as far as I know. You can get download their demo on this page: http:

Side 1:
A hatchling dies / Explain-explanation / R jam

Side 2:
Nuts and bolts / The subsurface


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