Sunday, February 22, 2009

E.B.S.: Cosmetic Society (1991)

This shit is angry. E.B.S. play hardcore played along the lines of Poison Idea: spat vocals, raging guitar and a rhythm section that keeps it on the straight and narrow. It's a bit overwhelming, but in a good, kick in the ass sort of way.

There's always lots of stuff to be pissed about and E.B.S. knows it as well as anyone. They rage against cops, a superficial society and my favorite, The New Kids On The Block. Check out these lyrics from "Service Charge":

Big chain record stores overprice shit/epitome of capitalist shit/Outrageous, ridiclous LP prices/I can't afford a ticket for a show/Won't import hardcore records or tapes/they only sell Top 40 vomit/I think I'll burn this record store down.

All screamed in about two seconds. Awesome!

Side One:
police pricks / my job sucks / draft the new kids / service charge

Side Two:
drown your sorrows / ARSET / RED SCARE/robin hood / cosmetic society

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vile76 said...


This band rules !!!

They released several records for our pleasure.

Great idea to post this classic hardcore from FLORIDA.

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AdamBomb said...

Thanks! I wonder if it's Florida's heat, humidity and senior citizens that made them so angry.