Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vermin: Living Together (1990)

Lifeless pale days under a dying sun and late cold nights, catching the last bus home and fearing for your life because you dress like a bum and missing the friends you were just with, or yearning for that person and having to insulate yourself from harsh stares with ugly headphones that provide you with your only solace from a cold world, punk fucking rock and that’s what this record means to me.

Vermin were from Quebec City. Hence the couple of songs in French. Song themes run the gambit on Living Together: everything from the evils of racism to growing up to greed is explored. Maximum Rock'n’Roll liked it when it first came out, and even noted an East Bay feel. I don’t know about that but if it makes you want to download it, then why not.

1. Let’s try
2. Nursery rhyme time
3. Dream
4. Hey!
5. Living together
6. I am what I am
7. Pourquoi
8. The city and country mouse
9. How low can you go
10. Laugh
11. Hold on
12. Separate tracks


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