Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hgual: Riding On Three Wheels (1990)

Hgual are an anomaly for Skene Records. If the Skene sound is an aggressive melodic attack, then Hgual is Skene’s conscientious objector. They’re the one sitting in the corner of the Skene house party, not talking to anyone. While everyone else slams back blazing melodies, they sip some mid-tempo and, dare I say it, grungy sounds. This doesn’t make “Riding on Three Wheels” a bad record; far from it. It’s just the black sheep of the Skene family.

1. Toby
2. Stroll into
3. Inside of me
4. Treading 90
5. My burning
6. Hometro
7. Erode
8. Hopping rabbit
9. Chime
10. Bound in blood

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Лео said...

heeeey, is this the Hgual from richmond, pre-hose.got.cable Hgual?

AdamBomb said...

Yes, it is.