Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Doughboys: Whatever (1987)

I have to thank The Doughboys. They were seers to my ears. Lame, I know, but seriously side one was my ‘lay in bed and procrastinate side’ in high school. A wise, mystical portal to a better understanding, I would know how my day would start just llistening to it, for by the time "The Forecast" came on, I could wisely predict that I would not go to school and instead would continue listening to the wise and sage sounds of Montreal’s finest.

1. Tradition
2. Stranger from within
3. Can’t find the day
4. The forecast
5. No holiday (from living)
6. You’re related
7. I remember
8. Senseless murders
9. You don’t know me
10. I don’t wanna know

Get it HERE


luciferyellow said...

Ahh, the Doughboys. I remember liking this one and Happy Accidents. Gotta check this out and see whether I remember correctly.
In any case Adam, you are putting up some seriously interesting stuff up so far. Keep up the good work!

AdamBomb said...

Thanks, man! It menas a lot. Most Doughboys fan say that "Home Again" is their best (a future post) and it's hard to disagree, though I don't think you can beat side one of "Whatever".

dgen said...

happy accidents is tough to find, my tape copy has worn i loved that album.