Monday, February 16, 2009

Blood Sausage: demo (198?)

I don’t know much about this band, except that they were from Montreal and they were seriously evil. I’m not kidding. Try listening to "XXX-Mas" and not believing the singer absolutely means every hateful note when he screams, "Fuck Christmas, Fuck Santa, Fuck You!" This is definitely one I wouldn’t play for the children.

There’s no date on the tape or information about the band. All the inside of the cassette has is the songs written by hand, an evil hand I might add, and I’ve recopied what it wrote.

1. XXX-Mas (Fuck Christmas, Fuck Santa, Fuck You!)
2. Buried Alive (Venom cover)
3. Don’t Catch Me (When I Fall)
4. The Creep
5. Welfare Warfare
6. I’m So Fucking Drunk! (Recorded At Sausage Studios)

Get it here:


cory said...

these guys are freinds of mine they are actually great guys
uncle costa vox,,shawn- drums,,dave-gitter-steve-bass

it was recorded in 1991 then hungry dogs follow me in 93,,shawn the drummer owns his own record store in montreal called sound central he also plays drums for(squalor,aggression) costa sings for a band called vulgar deli!!cheers

cory said...

uncle costa -vokills

shawn owns a record store in montreal called sound central and he plays drums for a band called squalor and aggression and uncle costa sings for the band vulgar deli!!cheers and thx i lost this ages ago!!

AdamBomb said...

Thanks for all the information!

Raff said...

What a find! I almost recorded these awesome sickos at CRSG in '95, but they split before I could.

For a while, Shawn had a band called Legumo. They recorded a 4 or 5 song EP - anybody have it? I'll never forget Shawn's beat-up cymbals that were peeling apart from all the abuse. Steve's easy to run into.