Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Awake!: Beliefs (1989)

I have to thank LUCIFERYELLOW at Prediction-Error Signal for sending out the cry for old Skene! records. I heard his distress call and uploaded some Skene stuff for him right away. Funnily enough, this record is one of those that I keep meaning to listen to more, but never do. I don't know why because it rocks.

Awake! simply are great, great hardcore. Totally tight, strong muscianship and even a guy who can sing are at the forefront of this record. A smoking release for sure. Check it out.

(image from discogs.com)

The tracks are:

1. Shooked
2. Where did we go wrong?
3. By the horns
4. Beliefs



luciferyellow said...

Hey Adam, you officially have your first reader (and comment)! As you saw I am already enjoying the stuff that you sent m quite a bit - and Dog Tired in particular.
I haven't been doing my own blog for that long yet and I never had the time and motivation to spend a lot of effort on it, but if there is anything that I can help you out with (like how to make links or low level stuff like that) just let me know. Have fun with the blog!

AdamBomb said...

Thanks, Sven. I really appreciate your support. It means a lot to me and if there's ever anything you need, please don't hesitate to ask.


proven hollow said...

if memory serves, awake was from tampa? don;t hold me to that, but they were the premier hardcore band down there in the late 80s. awake and slap of reality. good times. wow, i can;t believe thats 20 years ago. god im old.

AdamBomb said...

When you feel old, here’s what you do: gather family and friends around a piano and sing "Those Were The Days" screechingly out of key. Works every time.

AdamBomb said...

And I stand corrected, Awake! were indeed from Tampa. It was Peoples Court who were from Gainesville.

sesper said...

yeah in 90 i start to listen to this
one of my fave post ever congrats
peace from brasil