Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Zero Boys: History of the Zero Boys (1984)

People go gaga over the first Zero Boys full length, Vicious Circle, but for my money this cassette only release rocks much harder than Vicious Circle. It’s faster, tighter and definitely much more catchier. and the praise doesn’t get much better than when Tim Yohannan in Maximum Rocknroll #15 compares them to the Circle Jerks “as prime exponents of brisk, hook-laden thrash and punk.” A pretty lofty comparison, but entirely deserved on this tape.

In short, it shreds. It rips, it rocks, it rules. You could even say History of the Zero Boys is the feudal overlord to the peasant Vicious Circle. Like I said, you could, but I won’t :)

Image and quote from Kill From The Heart

1. Drive In
2. Black Network News
3. Splish, Splash
4. I Need Inergy
5. Johnny Better
6. Dingy Bars Suck
7. Seen That Movie Before
8. High Places
9. Blood's Good
10. Human Body
11. Mom's Wallet
12. Down the Drain
13. Outta Style
14. You Can Touch Me
15. Trying Harder
16. I'm Bored

Download it now! Zero Boys


mike said...

Sweet!Never heard this stuff..love the Zero Boys!

AdamBomb said...

I'm glad you like it :)