Friday, May 1, 2009

Circle of Hate: Go For It (1989)

The Dutch have given the world a lot. Windmills, liberal drug laws and Total Football spring immediately to mind, thus making Holland a country for Eurotrash to play, examine ancient alternative energy sources and hope to meet Johan Cruyff.

Too bad, because the Dutch also gave the world some absolutely ripping punk rawk bands. B.G.K., Nog Watt and Gepøpel rocked and the almighty Funeral Oration rank right up there as one of the greatest bands ever, punk, Dutch or not (check out Blogged and Quartered for a fantastic download of early Funeral Oration

Circle of Hate are not as good as those bands in my opinion. Then again, not many are and Go For It is still pretty good. Like the above groups, they take their cue from American hardcore, but they also add a skate rock edge. The tunes are fast and bouncy, making the end result a decent slab of wax.
Side One: Ich habe es nicht gewubt / Wish I got fired
Side Two: Vivisection / Go for it
Download it now!: Circle of Hate

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