Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rednecks In Pain: The Tribal Dance Sequence Of The Yippin' Moo (1990)

Not only did they have a cool name, Nashville’s Rednecks In Pain played decent punk. It’s funny, but being in Zambia had me missing rednecks (their racism, intolerance and narrow minded ways)... for about a second.

Hee-fucking-haw, I’m funny!

You can get the Rednecks In Pain discography here:

Image is from Flickr

1. The Good Life/Dancin' With Manson/AK-47
2. Uptight/Painted A Pretty Picture

Download it now! Rednecks In Pain

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digitizer said...

Arggh!!! Link down!! I really wanted to hear this again :(