Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Havana 3 a.m.: Havana 3 a.m. (1991)

I’m always surprised that the self titled album by Havana 3 a.m. hasn’t received as much fanfare as it deserved. It’s a fantastic record with every track being worthy of your time. The fact that music critics would rather espouse the greatness of another album released that same year just goes to show you that music critics blow. Sure, “Nevermind” was good, but this record was also worthy of attention, along with many other released during 1991.

The fact that this record blows most of the records recorded by ex Clash members out of the water is not surprising. Big Audio Dynamite lived up to their initials and Joe Strummer did some regrettable solo work until he hooked up with The Mescaleros. Even Topper Headon did a solo record, which I never heard, but live in fear of.

If Havana 3 a.m. did receive attention, it was largely because Paul Simonon of The Clash played bass. That definitely is cool, but it ignores the Havana 3am’s worth as a band. As you can tell, I think they rocked. The album has what it takes to rule your stereo for a while: sincere lyrics sung to reggae infused rockabilly with Latin overtones. Oops, that sounded like music critic garbage; my apologies.

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1. Joyride
2. Blue Motorcycle Eyes
3. Reach the Rock
4. Death in the Afternoon
5. Hole in the Sky
6. What About Your Future
7. The Hardest Game
8. Hey Amigo
9. Life on the Line
10. Surf in the City
11. Blue Gene Vincent
12. Living in This Town

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