Monday, February 22, 2010

Fear Itself: 1986 demo

South Carolina’s Fear Itself played killer thrash. In the punk rock family tree, they’d be the bastard child of The Misfits, who’d supply the lyrics, and Attitude Adjustment, who’d donate the music. Like Maximum Rock And Roll said when the demo first came out, it could be called ‘Horror Thrash’, for a lack of better terms. So rock out and then watch horror movies. Or the other way around.

The pic is from Kill From The Heart

1. Your Worst Nightmare
2. Werewolf's Life
3. Beast Within
4. Pray for Death
5. Born to Die
6. Dark Passage
7. Eaten Alive
8. Malevolence
9. Prelude/Final Conflict
10. Demon

Download it now! Fear Itself

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