Monday, March 22, 2010

Bhopal Stiffs: 1985-1989 CD

Here is a whole bunch of Chicago punk rawk by the Bhopal Stiffs. I believe that this is their whole discography. It’s has that classic Chicago sound embodied by Naked Raygun: melodic, tight and fast, though a big difference is that the Bhopal Stiffs have raspier vocals.

For me, the first and sixth songs make the band. If they only ever did these two tracks, it would’ve been more than enough. Both songs are so awesome, with their gravelly vocals, some good “whoa ahs” and compact playing. In fact, I rarely listen past “Too Many Things”, but don’t let that stop you.

Image is from Discogs

1. Bottle It Up
2. Road to Bhopal
3. I Came for You
4. Product
5. I Can Do It
6. Too Many Things
7. Born Again
8. I Came for You
9. Drunken Stupor
10. Not Just My Head
11. I Don't Care
12. One Track Head
13. Fun at the Beach
14. No Future
15. Cape Town Youth
16. Pay to Play
17. Too Much Pain
18. Human Race
19. Intro + Road to Bhopal
20. Not Just My Head
21. Deprived
22. Fun at the Beach
23. I Want Off
24. Product
26. Intro + No Future + Born Again
27. I Don't Know What to Say to You
28. The Hunt

From Kill From The Heart:

Tracks 1-6 from the E.P.A. 12", tracks 7-16 from the demo tape (tracks 10 and 12 also appeared on the Bhopal Stiffs 7"), track 17 from the There's a Fungus Among Us compilation EP, track 18 recorded 1989 (previously unreleased), tracks 19-25 recorded live at Exit, January 14th 1988, track 26 recorded live at the City 1986, track 27 recorded live on the radio 1989, track 28 recorded live at Batteries Not Included 1987.

Download it now! Bhopal Stiffs

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