Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saigon: Annihilation (1981)

Oh, to be a kid in the early eighties, where you were surrounded by a whole bunch of losers and if you were of the few who saw through the bullshit facade of what the world was trying to shove down your throat you probably picked up a skateboard or started a band, or both, which is what Saigon’s members did and as sad as this, the only difference now is that the president isn’t a former governor of California. Lame, but screw it; go pick up a skateboard, or start a band, or do both and fuck shit up.

Image is from Kill From The Heart

1. Annihilation
2. Life Is So Fun

3. Anti-Vogue
4. America

Download it now! Saigon


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!
This is great punk rock. I have a fetish for short songs, and I collect songs about nuclear war, so this does me in three ways. I love the cool riff on the last song.
Rock on!


yo man i really want this but the link dosent work! you think you can fix it man that would rule!! thanx

AdamBomb said...

Thanks for the cool words and the heads up on the link, which has now been re-upped.