Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bikini Kill: Revolution Girl Style Now (1991)

Those of who follow this here blog might have noticed that in addition to obscure hardcore and punk, I also like to indie/alt tuneage fronted by females. Usually, it’s a bit more laid back and more harmonic. Today though, I’m breaking the mould.

Bikini Kill’s demo is definitely not laid back. They’re fucking pissed off and for good reason: society marginalizes girls and Bikini Kill won’t stand for it anymore. The music and lyrics unceremoniously scrape away the bullshit that covers our lives. This is raw and unfiltered and although the albums that followed were better, this is still a decent document of the beginning of a great band.

I never understood why people didn’t like them. Oh right, it‘s because they’re girls(and one guy I might add) rocking out and not doing it half naked and they have something to say. I find it sad that not much has changed since this demo came out almost 20 years ago.

The image is from Wikipedia

1. Candy

2. Daddy's Lil Girl

3. Feels Blind
4. Suck My Left One

5. Carnival

6. This Is Not A Test

7. Double Dare Ya
8. Liar

Download it now! Bikini Kill

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