Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Slap Of Reality Info

So, I just received an email from Bob at Sound Idea. It has some basic information about this great band. Rather than paraphrase what he said, I'll copy and paste instead.

Drummer from Slap Of Reality went on to be in Failure Face. Guitarist from Slap went on to be in Murder-Suicide Pact.
The Down By Law comment is false. Sam Williams, a guitarist from the same town (Brandon, FL) ended up in Down By Law but was never in Slap Of Reality.

SOR's best record was their first -- the Stuck Inside 7" on Vinyl Communications, 1989.
Brandon, FL

Bob later adds:

By the way, Sam Williams from Down By Law WAS in a reformed version of Slap Of Reality for about 3 weeks.
Joe from Slap OfReality and I are in Murder-Suicide Pact.

Thanks again, Bob. Sorry I couldn't find the image for the Stuck Inside 7", so the Time Alone one will have to do.

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