Wednesday, April 1, 2009

State of Confusion: 6.3 Million Acres (1986)

State of Confusion hailed from Idaho, home of tasty potatoes and birthplace of Pushead. The only time I’ve ever been there was for about an hour as my friends and I drove through it in the middle of the night. I don’t know if I missed much or not.

6.3 Million Acres is killer. Aggressive, insightful hardcore is the name of their game and they pull it off better than most. Tight rhythms, angry sounds and fast guitar make State of Confusion fucking rock.

Then there are the lyrics. “Do you feel safe? You’re so fucking safe” the singer snidely screams in “Feel Safe” a decade before things like gated communities became the fashionable thing to do. If I may, I'd like to go on a tangent for a second. On the same trip when I went through Idaho, I spent a day or two in a small town in Oregon. This town, in supposedly liberal Oregon, had a gated community. I was like “What the fuck do you have to hide from? Rampaging beavers? Whatever.” Now it seems like every shit town and city in North America has at least one gated community. Even Idaho, not that I'd know.

Download State of Confusion’s A Street here:

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1. Education
2. State of Confusion
3. Saveface
4. Public Lands
5. Foolish One
6. Hey
7. 5 Lives
8. Imagination
9. I-84
10. Feel Safe
11. Silence
12. Dirt
13. Rut
14. Freedom of the Hill
15. Blanketpower
16. Discipline
17. TV Mutation
18. Choose
19. Collection Bureau
20. Where's the Love?

Download it here: State of Confusion

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Great blog you have here!!

Another winner that I only knew through the BCT comp. track. Reminds me of Adrenalin OD a lot, esp. on the faster tracks. Cool stuff!! I was burning out on hardcore at this point, but this band stands out from the pack...

Stormy said...

Been wanting to hear this one. Thanks!