Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pariah: Youths of Age (1983)

I love early Californian punk and hardcore. There’s something so tuneful, yet angry about it that makes me smile. Timeless tunes, for sure. One of the great labels that supplied a lot of these tunes was Posh Boy. From what I understand, the label itself was shady in its business dealings, but lucky for us (not the bands so much), what it lacked in integrity Posh Boy more than made up for with a roster of killer bands, such as Agent Orange, TSOL, Channel 3 and the band I’m posting today, Pariah.

Pariah were from San Francisco, which could’ve fooled me, as this album has a southern California beach punk feel to it. They never seemed to have received the accolades that other bands from Posh Boy did, but make no mistake, this is record is rad. Like lots of the good punk from that time, it is melodic, but angry; the perfect combination for the likes of me.

Image is from Kill From The Heart

1. Youths of Age
2. Inside Looking Out
3. Blind Resistance
4. Faith In Mercy
5. White Line
6. All the King's Men
7. Passion and Pride
8. Running For Cover
9. Striking Back

Download it now! Pariah


titou said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey man, this seems cool, but I think the file is messed up. The .rar is only 1 meg.

Caleb Crawdad said...

Yeah, id like to third that the file here seems corrupt. Also, could you reupload the defoliants - grr LP? I really like that band and would love to hear the full length.

Much thanks

titou said...

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AdamBomb said...

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