Friday, April 30, 2010

Discount: Half Fiction (1997)

Discount was a punk band from Florida that started in 1995 and called it a day in 2000. The singer, Allison, went on to be half of the critical darlings The Kills. Other members joined Unitas and the post Hot Water Music outfit, The Draft.

It’s a shame that this record is out of print, as is their masterpiece, “Crash Diagnostic”, which I will post some day. Both albums are awesome and showcase the band’s natural growth from a very cool upstart punk (I refuse to use the term pop punk, as it’s been corrupted and I hate it) to a more mature punk sound.

High school sincerity is all over “Half Fiction”, no doubt due to them either being in high school or just out of it. Don’t think that this record is sloppy though. The music is melodic and the lyrics ache with longing.

I can’t get enough of this album lately. It’s all I listen to and its vibrancy and yearning remind me why music is exciting in the first place. I highly recommend you give it a listen.

Image is from Discogs

1. Half Fiction
2. Clap And Cough
3. Torn Jeans
4. Am I Missing Something?
5. City Bleach
6. Pocket Bomb
7. Keith
8. Toxic Home
9. Soup
10. The Unusual Bad
11. Dreamt This Was A Castle
12. On The Counter
13. Stitch
14. Is It Ok?
15. untitled track

Download it now! Half Fiction