Friday, January 15, 2010

Bad Influence: War’s No Fun (1983)

Let’s start off the 2010 blog season with something rare and rad. Here is some vintage early 80s So Cal style hardcore (though they were from San Francisco) by Bad Influence. Think Circle Jerks when it comes to their sound; they even have a song called "I Don't Care". The attitude is also in the gnarly “So Cal fuck you style”, as evidenced by these lyrics, “Who the fuck made you the president, I didn’t vote for you.”

Enjoy this rare demo from 1983. Now go and tear shit up!

Image is from Kill From The Heart

1. War's No Fun
2. Mental War Patient
3. IRS
4. Do What You Want
5. Bad Influence
6. Always On My Ass
7. I Don't Care
8. Maximum Punishment

Download it here! Bad Influence


Regi said...

Than you very much from Spain, I was looking for it hard. :D

AdamBomb said...

De nada :)