Friday, October 9, 2009

Malefice: Lotus Blossoms (1990)

Whoa, long time, no see. It’s been a while, mainly due to some stuff for which I blame the government for , but I is back and have a psychotic little goody for your listening pleasure. Now, when we think of the "D.C Sound", we might have some preconceptions what that entails. For some it’s the wicked early eighties hardcore embodied by the likes of Minor Threat. For others, it might be the mid to late eighties stuff that took hardcore’s energy, jazzed it up and became more introspective. When it comes to Malefice though, you’re best to throw both out the window. Then yourself because this shit will drive you crazy.

It’s not the psychotic guitars or vocal stylings alone that does it. Nor is the melding of hardcore energy with these two. No, no, no. All together though, along with a fuck of a heavy sound, is what brings the insanity. Why it’s so crazy they even have spoken interludes between songs. How’s that for insane when it comes to a DC band? This is epic shit and well worth your time. Enjoy.

Image is from Kill From the Heart

1. Acid Death
2. Sea Level*
3. Overboard
4. Dr. No
5. This Is No Place
6. Chronic Thoughts*
7. Carrion
8. Into The Grinder
9. Lost Sheep*
10. Bloody Insane*

(*I'm not too sure of where these titles go in the song order :P)

Download it here! Malefice


Mama_T said...! thanks for the work, i look forward to checking this out!

jobeee said...

your blog is amazing!

AdamBomb said...

Hanx! That really is music to my ears.