Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Electric Love Muffin: Playdoh Meathook (1987)

Back in the mid to late eighties, college rock was a force. A lot of this wasn’t shoe gazing shit or the crap that got passed off as indie in the nineties either. No, it was more like college rock was the kissing cousin of the musical family’s black sheep, punk rock. So what you usually got from college rock was honest, rollicking tuneage that was just a bit more restrained, refined if you will, than punk.

Electric Love Muffin is a pretty good representative of this restrained, refined approach to music. This Philly quartet demonstrate that bands can be able to play their instruments and still make upbeat music. And don't let the silly name fool you: this is pretty earnest stuff from a band that by all accounts should've been huge.

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ELM’s MySpace page:

Information on the band can be had here: ELM info

1. Backstreet ride
2. I should have
3. Look for me
4. This time I’m gone
5. Blackness that could be blue
6. The muffin march / One year removed
7. Tomorrow’s regrets
8. Magna opus

This is missing a Beatles cover because they, being the most overrated band ever, suck.

Download it here: Electric Love Muffin