Monday, April 13, 2009

Identity Crysis: Tied To The Tracks (1987)

Identity Crysis were a hard hitting hardcore band from Sacramento and as far as I know, Tied To The Tracks was their only release. ‘Tis a shame because this record rips. Released on Mystic Records, Identity Cryisis shred their way though six songs like they were paying for the recording by the second. So strap yourself in and enjoy the ride, because Tied To The Tracks will send you on a punk rock rollercoaster that will makes you gasp for more.

Go to the LOSERLIST69 Blog for a cool interview. It is also where I lifted the image.

Side One: 1941 / Unseen Foe / Driving Force
Side Two: Insane / Drink / Memories

Download it here: Identity Crysis


Grover said...

Thanks a bunch for posting this. I had a tape of this that was eaten long ago. I am pretty sure these guys were from Roseville, or out in the 'burbs that way. Saw them a couple of times and they shredded. I can't remember all the shows, but I know they opened for 7 Seconds/Vandals/Social Unrest/Sea Hags. I am also fairly positive they were on a bill with the Butties in 1985 at the Convention Center. Anyways, thanks for posting.

Grover said...
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AdamBomb said...

Thanks for the information and I'm glad you like it.