Monday, April 27, 2009

Chronic Submission: Sick of Reality (1983) and Empty Heads, Poison Darts (1985)

I haven’t been around for a while, but I never forgot Thoughtcrime. And to prove my coolness, I bring forth a special treat of moon jumping proportions: both of Chronic Submission’s tapes. This criminally underrated band from Toronto tore it up with great licks and wicked tempos and before you say their faster songs rip off Jerry’s Kids, kindly note that both the Boston thrashers' Is This My World? and Sick of Reality came out in the same year. So there.

These tapes showcase a great band in fine form. There's even a punk rock medley for your listening pleasure. How cool is that? In fact, Chronic Submission is so good they will have you jumping for the moon in no time.

See you up there!
Tape image is from It also has a brief bio of the band.
Sick Of Reality:
1. Sick of reality
2. Walked away
3. Kill the press - pantyhose - plastic punk - streetcar windows - baby killer
4. No remorse
5. Bulldozer
6. Get lost bitch
7. Psycho path
8. In hiding and on the run
9. Death squad
10. Whose right is it?
11. Chronic submission
12. Narc
13. Go 4 it - cops ain’t tops
14. Kids, krime and kaos
15. Nuclear threat
16. Take action
17. Running with anger
18. They’re fucked - I hate preppies
19. Oscar
Empty Head, Poison Darts:
1. Four points
2. Chronic submission
3. Living to kill
4. Go 4 it
5. Cops ain’t tops
6. Modern hell
7. Chasing the dragon
8. Kids, krime and kaos
9. Not At All
10. Bad Trip
11. Narc
12. World of change
13. Tight as a vice
14. Bulldozer
15. Glutton for punishment
16. Psycho path
17. Urban violence
18. Sick of reality

Download them now:

6 comments: - said...

Thanks for this!! Never heard of this band. Reminds me of a more subdued Youth Youth Youth. Cheers from London...

Curious Guy said...

Track 9 should be 'Not At All' and track 10 'Bad Trip'.
The Empty Heads tape circulated well in the tape traders circuit of the 80's. Hope someone would reissue this band 'cos they're too good to be forgotten.

AdamBomb said...

Thanks for the comments :)
And I agree, Chronic Submission totally deserve to be reissued properly.

Unknown said...

The weird thing is The lead singer of YYY owns all our copy right and master's so it's up to him if it ever get's released ??? But thanks for the comments.
Hamish the Bass player

STQ said...

Malvern Black Knights!

T Fries said...

Resurrected ... I'm 52 and thought I knew every band from every where and somehow stumble on this band on YouTube and my first thought is kudos to these kids for capturing that total Ca HC 80' s sound. Then after some research I discover that they doing their thing same time I was. Anyways killer band !